What are 5 Top Features Not to Miss in a Money Transfer App?

The world is running towards modernization. From simple household chores to complicated calculations, every technique and process is upgraded. Similar to that, a money transfer service also has important features and services. No matter you want to send money to Bangladesh or any other country, this is no more a hassle.

Here are the top 5 features, which you will surely never want to miss in a mobile money transfer app.

1.     What is the Role of Fingerprint or Face Recognition in Money Transfer App?

Gone are the days when people used to put in their PINs and Security Codes every time they unlock their phones. Now, almost every phone has a fingerprint sensor or face recognition, which are latest and upgraded forms of security.

Now, different app locks and social apps have also introduced this feature for additional security. If you install an app for payment transfer, you will surely want to make it safe. Having a fingerprint or face recognition feature can allow you to send money online securely, without needing to enter your PIN again and again. It saves a whole load of time and effort for a consumer.

2.     Can You Find the Payout Locations of Money Transfer Organizations Through An App?

It is straightforward now to find the payout location of any money transfer organization. The transfer apps now have in-built maps with the geographical data about all nearby payout locations. Lets say you want to send money to Bangladesh online. It helps you to know about the physical locations of the company. Latest apps are coming with “Location Finders” Just add your address, city, zip code or state, and the nearest payout location will be created for you.

3.     How to Add Information through Camera Before Sending Money?

People really miss a lot of times while entering their card information. Miss a single number and you have to repeat the whole process again. It is a greater issue for people with eyesight issues. They have to ask someone to enter their information for them or just rely on their guesswork for doing so.

Now, the apps come with enhanced use of the camera. Click on the “Cam” Option in your mobile transfer app and take a picture of your credit or debit card. All the digits and other useful information will automatically be added in your account. Just press the option “Confirm” after verifying the written information. It will not only save a lot of time, but it also avoids additional hassle.

4.     How to Share Payment Details?

The sender always wants to share the receipt with the recipient for payment verification. Now, with the share order details, you can automatically share the transaction details with whoever you want via WhatsApp, Messages or any other medium of your choice in seconds. No need to take screenshots and send them separately.

5.     How to Track your Money Transfers?

Now, you can track your shipments in the mobile transfer apps. Usually, you are given a tracking ID which can tell you about the current status of your transfer.

Different apps, such as ACE Money Transfer are beneficial for doing efficient services. Even money transfer to Bangladesh, and other developing countries can now be done in three simple steps!