What Are Frequently Asked Questions When You Send Money Abroad?

The online money transfer system is an overall system all over the world. Whether you want to send money to Nigeria or any other country, ACE Money Transfer is one of the commonly used services. The popularity can be estimated from day by day, increasing market share & global economy.

Do You Want To Switch From The Banks?

The money transfer from a phone is a quite convenient method. It has become a replacement for the troublesome international bank transfers. The fee and the time taken by many banks to make a transfer are relatively high. So people are more moving towards global remittance companies that provide both cash pickup and bank transfer.

Why & How Money Transfer is Important?

The need for online money transfer can’t be ignored. The services available widely work for the betterment of society. People are getting educated about how to make secure transfers. The frequently asked questions regarding online money transfer services are numerous. A few critical questions are described in the remaining article.

How Simple Steps Helps You Send Money Online?

To send money online, you will need to follow different steps according to each website’s specific requirements and center of money transfer service providers. If you have cash in hand, you can visit the nearest center of the organization. If you have money on a credit or debit card, you can send money using your laptop or smartphone. A few services options are:

  • Using ACE Money Transfer is not a big deal. Just register yourself on the website. Update the information and upload the identification documents. Congratulations, you’re ready for the transaction while using the ACE Money Transfer.
  • To use Western Union for sending the money, you’ve to go to the website. Register or log in to the account. Go to the profile page and choose either send money to a person or send it to inmate account options.
  • WorldRemit offers a variety of services. Bank Transfer, Cash Pickup, WorldRemit Wallet, Mobile Money, Air time top up and Door door services are provided. Verification is a necessary step for WorldRemit transactions.
  • For using Azimo, make an account on Azimo. Select the country. The next step involves the selection of transfer methods. Provide the name of the recipient. Enter the amount to be sent. Enter private information like a credit card, debit card or bank account details. Preview the details and confirm the transaction.

What Will Be The Fee Associated With Money Transfers?

The fee associated with some service providers also differs according to each organization’s policies and procedures.

  • Azimo provides an offer for new customers. The first two transactions are done without charging any fee. It works well to earn customer’s trust in the secure transfer—the amount charged as price varies. For example, it can be £1, but it will cost more according to the place you send the money. Also, the fee is different using a credit card, debit card or bank for the transfer.
  • ACE Money Transferfee also depends on the country used in sending and country of receiving
  • For Western Union, the transfer fee is calculated online by using the estimator’s option. The assumed exchange rates and the local currency rates of receiving will also be described.


Hence, everyone’s fee differs according to exchange rates, country to be sent, and the transfer mode.

How Quick Is It To Make Online Money Transfer?

The reason for the popularity of online money transfer services is the fast modes of transfers. The recipient can receive the money within minutes. Sometimes it can take days. If bank transfers are involved, working hours are a significant issue. It will take 1-5 working days for the successful money transfer if the service provider links to the bank account or has provided the bank account’s details as the medium.

A good internet connection makes a successful transfer possible in just minutes on a credit card or debit cards. For many, this is the right way to send money to Nigeria online.

Is My Money Transfer Secure?

The security of the transfer cannot be taken-for-granted. The secure transfer plays a significant role in the selection of websites. The deposit is the main problem with online services as the transfer may make you prone to scams. The hackers are active for the transfers being done online. Make sure the internet connection is private and doesn’t have open access. In free access, sensitive information will be stolen. The cards do get blocked if the bank suspects any unusual activity. A fee will be charged in case of new credit or debit card issuance.

How Simple Methods Help You Receive Money?

The receiving methods vary from country to country. Some service providers offer cash pickups, bank deposits. Others provide mobile wallets too.

Not every country has access to organizations that are working in some other country. For the money transfer to Nigeria, several service providers are working.

The Cash pickup service is the collection of money in hand by visiting the nearest center. You will need to prove your national identity and the confirmation step that the money has only to be delivered to you. Holidays and specific working hours can differ the time and date of receiving the money.

Bank deposits can take a few days to be received. Bank processing is all about authenticating and making the transaction a foolproof money transfer.

Some service providers give the service in just minutes or provide a next day service, three days or even seven days’ service.

How To Track Your Money?

The tracking options are available for almost every reputable transfer application. The trackers help in locating the transfer. It also estimates the time when the transfer will take place. In the case of some ambiguity, the customer service center is accessed. The tracking is done through the tracker option on the website.

Online money transfer is a standard and systematic method to send money to various parts of the world. The process is easier, simplified, fast, low charged and secure.