What Are Major Techniques To Make Your International Money Transfer Cost-Effective?

There is a wide range of options for sending money to Nigeria, more broadly in Africa. The growth or progress of technology is causing international money transfers to evolve and change daily. On the other hand, several nations have the insufficient infrastructure and lack access to the majority of these technologies. With this in mind, you must understand how money is received and disbursed. Determine what form of payment method is most acceptable for the country to which you are sending money.

How To Payless On Currency Exchange On International Money Transfer?

Nobody enjoys being taken advantage of, mainly when the stakes are high. Before making a money transfer to Nigeria, it’s good to look into the current exchange rates for euro to naira and related transfer fees. Our high exchange rates and fee-free transfers save our customers money every day at ACE Money Transfer.

What Are The Other Factors To Consider In International Money Transfers?

When choosing the best money transfer for your needs, you can consider some other factors than just transfer fee and exchange rate. To avoid paying for hidden charges, make sure you know what you’ll need for an online money transfer to Nigeria. Find the following factors to ensure this:

The cost: The sum you want to send, the time it will take for the money to reach the recipient, and the distribution mode will influence the price. So make an informed decision.

  • Accessibility:

Check to see if the money-transfer service provider you’re considering provides their services in the desired place. It would eliminate situations where recipients must drive a long distance to receive care, incurring additional transportation costs.

  • The rate of transition:

Many services like the bank will charge you extra to ensure a quicker and more immediate transfer of funds. Others will provide you with choices, while others will not. Check the transfer speed rates before selecting a transfer company, and there’s no need to send money using the speedy transfer option if the money isn’t needed right away.


  • Affordability:

Mobile money transfers are much more convenient than going to a branch and standing in line to be served. They’re also easy to use.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorise and regulates ACE Money transfer as a suitably licensed financial institution. Use our eWallet feature to safely store your payment card information and send money to Nigeria online. Do you want to learn more about our money transfer service or need any assistance getting started? Contact our fantastic Customer Support Team, and we’ll do all we can to help you and respond to your questions as quickly as possible. Alternatively, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.