What are new things about transferring money to Senegal online?


There are many ways to send money to Senegal in West Africa. There are several methods of sending money to Senegal. The methods differ based on which one of the international best money transfer services you are picking to use.


– Ping Money:

Online money transfers to Senegal from the UK are very easy to use and super-fast service.

– Western Union:

WU is the biggest money transfer company globally, having 500,000 WY agents located in over 200 countries and territories. There are many ways for wiring money to Senegal using WU, the ways may vary depending on whether you are sending money to Senegal from Australia, UK, or the EU, etc.

– Send money online:

Step 1: login into the profile or sign up for your account online

Step 2: start a transaction, enter Senegal as a destination, and amount

Step 3: for delivery method choose cash

Step 4: Pay with your visa credit card, maestro, visa debit, MasterCard or pay through transfer

Step 5: you will have a confirmation by email. Save the tracking number to share with your receiver for pickup. The receiver may pick up the money in Dalasi at the WU agent location in Senegal.


– Money into a bank account:

The method also involves going to the WU agent in person and handing over the funds to transfer:

  1. Find the nearest agent location to you
  2. Fill in the second Money Form, including recipients’ bank and account information. Check what specific information is needed
  3. Give your agent the completed form with the necessary funds in cash.
  4. Keep your receipt which also has a tracking number
  5. The money you sent will be deposited into the recipient’s bank account, usually between 1 to 3 working days, based on the destination country.


Send money through ACE Money Transfer Agent:

The very thing you have to do is find the ACE Money Transfer near you by logging into the ACE money transfer website and clicking on your location link.

Fill in the country and city fields. 

– Visit your nearest ace money transfer agent and fill out their money transfer to Senegal or the receiver’s country form.

– Hand over the cash which you wish to send, as well as the service fee

– Your remittance order will be entered into their computer system for handling at their order process centre

-Once the transaction has cleared up, the order is then sent to the correspondent agent in Banjul. You will then be given the receipt with a tracking number. Among the bank are Zenith bank, Babyba Financial Services Trust Bank, Keystone Bank.

– The sender tells the receiver a PIN and that the cash is ready to be picked up and maybe paid out after they show the cashier a valid form of ID.


Send money online:

If you are interested in using ACE Money Transfer to send money to Senegal online from the UK to any one of the locations, you can visit the ACE money transfer website.

You may transfer funds through a bank account, credit, or debit card, and your receiver will collect the money through a bank account in around 4 working days or as cash on the same day.

Falling into fraud is easy when you are dealing with online proceedings. You need to be cautious while you make online proceedings of such sort as you may often get into stuff that may harm your identity.

Ensure you are always ready to get your way into this form and clear out anything that harms your identity. It would be best if you also were sure that you have the best money transfer service through which you are sending money online.