WHAT ARE Online Payment TOOLS?

Online billing and payment are vital for everyone these days because working online is evolving these days. Thanks to the increasing number of opportunities provided by the online payment tools. Online payment tools are various mechanisms used by people for online money transactions. They are plenty in number. People are working for organizations operating out of the country and online payment tools are making such job opportunities possible.


PAYPAL:  PayPal is considered one of the well-known payment tools online. Nobody can miss out PayPal when thinking of online payment. People love to use PayPal because of the friendly interface it provides. It is also known for secured payment methods.

DUE: A very well-known feature of DUE is its time-tracking and invoicing tools. This tool is popular among free-lancer and small business operators. The service is provided with the cheapest transaction rate of 2.7%.

STRIPE: Stripe is a nice option to choose. Users are fascinated by its powerful and flexible application programming interface. You don’t need to be a professional to use it.

DWOLLA: another well-known name among the payment tools is Dwolla for providing free transactions. It focuses more on bank transfers and automated clearing house payments. This enables users to customize payment solutions where payments can be received within a day.


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