It is true that services provided by banks such as bank accounts are widely helping people to keep their money in good hands. Different bank accounts provide different opportunities such as saving, protecting money, digital money, investment, etc.  Without bank accounts, things regarding keeping money safe and make the good use of money will be difficult. The above discussion presents a nice picture, right? But there is a dark side as well; the security threats regarding bank accounts.

Different threats can be divided as:

  • Mobile banking risks: mobile banking comes with great security concerns. For example, weak smartphone security is challenging the services provided by banks with the usage of mobile apps.
  • Malware and viruses:banks and mobile banking apps use different software to make digitalized services work for clients. In case of any virus attack, the data of banks and customers can be infected in a disastrous way.
  • Hackers:with rising innovations, the number of hackers has also risen. Many evil minds seek to hack bank accounts to steal money.
  • Social media attacks:many hackers make fake profiles to gather information from people by the name of fundraising for charity activities.
  • ATM-malware:such viruses infect the ATMs and allow criminals to steal a large amount of money.