What are the bank account transfer alternatives to send money to the Philippines?

There are many other bank account transfer alternatives to send money to Philippines. Let’s take a look at companies that offer services of money transfer to the Philippines. Taking cost and security into consideration, you can decide- which money transfer method is best for you! As the world is on the rapid move towards technological developments and innovations. So, there are multiple alternatives to achieve a single operational task. When it comes to money transfer, similarly, there exist numerous money transfer service providers.

In some cases, the money transfer methods are quite slow or could involve some serious factors that can contribute to the delayed process. At the same time, the ultimate reason for not satisfying the quality merits is the non-compliant standard of quality procedures. In the following article, you can find a detailed and elaborative discussion regarding alternatives to send money.


ACE Money Transfer

The ACE Money Transfer is an internationally recognized money transfer service provider. ACE is found to be the leading international service provider in the remittance industry. In contrast with other remittance service providers, ACE delivers secure and swift transactions in a matter of seconds. The distinctive choice to opt for ACE Money Transfer is the reduced transactional costs and competitive exchange rates.

A stress-free way of sending remittance to your loved ones is done by Ace money transfer. In comparison with all the money transfer alternatives, ACE Money Transfer is at the power of your fingertips. With just a few simple steps, you are ready to go to send remittance instantly. You can send a money transfer to Philippines by just following these simple steps:

  • Select destination country & enter the amount
  • Provide detail of the recipient
  • Provide details of the sender

And you are done making your first remittance transaction to the Philippines in a matter of no time. Make sure to provide accurate details while providing information, as the invalid information can add extended delays for your remittance transactions.


Swift & Secure Money Transfer 

ACE Money Transfer provides a secure money transfer service with approximate coverage for almost 100+ countries. However, ACE is devoted to bringing additional currencies to the platform so that maximum customers can benefit from it. Security has been one of the significant concerns, especially whenever you send money to Philippines online or offline. ACE is equipped with all the latest digital modifications to provide maximum security for your remittance transactions.


Economical & Reliable Remittance Transactions

The ultimate reason for additive usage of ACE Money Transfer is the economic taxation charges levied on transactions. With over enormous bundle of associations and affiliations, ACE is considered to be a reliable method for sending money transfers from one state to another. Skip the worries of visiting financial institutions anymore because ACE is a complete digital remittance service provider. Now, you can manage the transfer of funds with the aid of an online portal or via a smart ACE mobile application.



PayPal is a third-party service commonly used for online money transfers. If you are considering making an international transfer of funds via PayPal, ACE always stands as a better alternative. The distinctive factor which makes ACE Money Transfer better than PayPal is the cost-effective transactions. If you are looking to transfer funds within the same country, PayPal is a good choice. But, for managing international remittances, PayPal can be quite expensive.



It is an outstanding money transfer service, ranked after the Western Union. The MoneyGram provides access to a bundle of added features. Also, it allows you to avail in-person cash collection of money transfers from the physical locations. Back in time, people may have to travel to the financial institution to initiate a money transfer request. But, as with the progressive achievements in technology, MoneyGram facilitates the user with online funds transfer.


Summing up, MoneyGram is a fast and reliable way to send remittances to your friends and family members. MoneyGram can be considered as a definite alternate while managing the transfer of funds.



The OFX is an Australian money transfer company, previously known as OZ Forex. The company is renowned for fast and secure online money transfers. The qualitative feature of OFX is the transfer of funds in an extensive range of currencies among different countries. So, if your friends, families, and associates are present anywhere in the world. You can transfer money in seconds with OFX. Equipped with a team of dedicated staff, you can contact customer support 24/7 for any inconvenience.



If you are thinking about an alternative for sending an online money transfer to Philippines, Remitly can be a good option. Accompanied with an enhanced presence in the market of online money transfer, you can send funds in a secure & reliable way. Remitly can be quite expensive for sending international remittances greater than $1000.

In comparison will all the top leading remittance service providers, ACE Money Transfer is the best platform. You can manage the unlimited transfer of funds with convenient transactional and exchange rates. So, what are you waiting for? Create an account on the official portal of ACE Money Transfer and start managing the transfer of funds.