What are the Best Jobs in Europe for International Citizens?

Do you know how expatriates from African countries working in European countries send money to Ghana and other neighbouring countries online? In this article, we will throw light on the top professions which are in high demand in the West in general and in Europe in particular.

People from Africa and from around the world travel to Europe to find better job opportunities to ensure they lead a financially viable life. Residents of Ghana, which is a Sub-Saharan African country, travel to the West mostly. They send money to Ghana online to their families through reputable and credible money transfer companies such as ACE after they settle down financially and begin to earn.

For the convenience of expatriates travelling to Europe for job hunting, this article lists the professions which are in high demand there. Here’s is a quick look.

Engineers:- Engineers have a bright chance to get employed in Europe. In Germany alone, 52,000 vacancies are waiting to be filled, coupled with the other positions which are filled already yet will fall vacant soon as senior employees retire. Your dream of money transfer to Ghana for investment in real estate or another sector can be fulfilled if you got a job in one of the European countries.

Social workers:- It is one of the most important job sectors. A lot of people having degrees in social works can visit Europe and find reasonable jobs there as for this sector human resource is always in high demand.

Psychologists:- Psychologists have, lately, entered into the job market and have captured large parts of the job market over time. It is because people in those societies are in need of psychological counselling more than anything else. Therefore, if you have a degree in this discipline, you stand a fair chance to get a job in Europe. If you can accumulate some experience in this field after graduating, you have bright chances to get a job at a senior level.

Lawyers:- Private firms always look for legal professionals to hire. The natives who graduate in law are mostly appointed by the government as judges etc., which creates a vacuum for private firms to hire legal experts for their firms. So, with a degree in law, you have a bright chance to find a job in most of the European countries.

Chemists:- The vacancies in this field are less in comparison to other fields but still people specializing in this field are in high demand. There was a dip in vacancies in the mid-90s in this field which resulted in a decline in the number of students in this field. But, this decline pushed the demand upwards over the years. And now you have bright chances to get employed with a degree in this field. As a chemist, you can run your own business in the country of residence and send money to Ghana online to support your family back home.

Biologists:- The pharmacology industry has a high demand for biologists. Mainly these biologists engage in research work which is why it has immense employment potential for the students. If you are a student in this field and think you can manage the professional research as a biologist, you stand a fair chance to get a job. And your chances to get a job are even brighter if you are a graduate already.

Physicists and mathematicians:- These fields never run short of vacancies for graduates as well as professionals. Although, there have been times when these fields saw a decline in terms of jobs but so long as research and development exist, graduates in these fields have high chances of work in Europe.

Doctors:- In Germany alone the demand for doctors is very high given its acute medical care issues. If you are a medical student and aspire to work in Europe as a doctor, you will find it easy to get employed as soon as you reach there. The best tip is to get a diploma in medicine in the concerned country.

Dentists:- Every year about 1800 dentists retire in each country and as many graduate and enter the market. Additionally, 9 out of 10 dentists have their private clinics. So, as a dentist, you can get a job easily.

Conclusion:- If you are a graduate in any of the fields mentioned above, you need not worry about getting employed in any European counties with ease and convince. Once you get a job in Europe, you can start a new business in your home country through online money transfer to Ghana from your country of residence.