What are the best things to do in London, UK?

Do you send money to Senegal through a bank from London, UK? In this article, we will discuss a few important things you must know about London, no matter if you are a resident or going to London as an expatriate to find work.

Finding better work opportunities is every man’s basic human right. For this purpose, people keep moving in the world. Some find work in the developed world since they belong to the developing parts of the world such as the African continent. People from African countries like Senegal mostly travel to foreign lands due to sluggish economic activity leading to inflation and unemployment in their home countries.

From abroad, these Senegalians earn money and prefer online money transfers to Senegal through some credible and reputable online money transfer companies like ACE.

Here, however, we will see things concerning your visit to London. Let’s take a look.

A preferred choice:- Many surveys have been conducted revealing that the expatriates from around the world prefer to come to London because it is located close to the rest of Europe and is within a driving, train or flying distance of no more than a few minutes.

Three eras:- London is one of the few cities worldwide where you can see a rich past, a thriving present and an inspiring future. Romans settled here in 47 AD and called it Londinium. Its present speaks volumes for its growth, development and expansion, and in the future, London aspires to be the most advanced hotspot city of the West.

International City:- London is home to many multinational corporations like Unilever etc. And not only that, many international businesses are planning to be based in London, despite even Brexit.

London’s life:- Living in London is expensive compared to other cities of England. But its higher salaries and high chances of getting a job are two basic points which attract expatriates, and they arrange shared accommodations to minimize their costs. You can save a big amount through proper budgeting and also multiply the amount of money transfer to Senegal.

The big smoke:- At the height of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, London was engulfed by thick and grey smog due to coal burning and called the ‘’Big Smoke’’. So much so that in December 1952, the same smog brought the city to a standstill for five days and this period is called ‘’The Great Smog of 1952’’.

World housed in London:- There is not a single country whose nationals do not reside in London for one reason or another. Therefore, you will feel as if you live in a mini world while you reside in London, given the fact that you will see a representation of every culture and every language there.

Seek appropriate visa:- There are different visa types, with Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 5 among the most popular and frequent types. They have their own requirements and subcategories. Check your requirements thoroughly and apply for the appropriate visa.

Transport:- Driving your own car in London can be troublesome. Therefore, use London’s public transport which connects the entire city and moves about 9 million people around daily. You can also get the Oyster card for a small amount to use for an entire month to travel across London.

Work in London:- The UK is one of the strongest economies of the world, for which reason it welcomes and accommodates people seeking work and jobs in London in particular. All you need to be able to find work is talent, potential and skills.

Friendly people:- People of London are friendly and expect you to be polite and nice to them. It helps you connect better and create new contacts through which you can find more work opportunities.

Average salary:- A survey conducted in 2018 noted that in London expatriates get an average annual salary of 107,900 USD which is a little higher than the global average of 99,000 USD. These are quite huge figures for people belonging to third world countries.

Food:- London offers a wide variety of foods including vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Because many people reside here, there is hardly any food you will not find here.

Healthcare services:- London’s healthcare services are one of the best in the world. NHS not only covers the natives, but it now also brings into its fold the expatriates. It gives foreigners an equal chance to avail London’s National Healthcare Services.

Conclusion:- Although London is an expensive city to live in, there are ways to counter that, such as living in shared accommodation, travelling in public transport, online money transfer to Senegal rather than visiting banks for money transfer, avoiding expensive dine outs and thorough search for better work and jobs as the salaries offered by London is one of the highest in the world.