What are the common issues faced by Gambian ex-pats in the UK?

Do you have to wait in a long queue at the bank to send money to Gambia from the UK? Have you ever thought about the common issues faced by the Gambian expatriates in the United Kingdom? In this article, we will give you an insight into some of the most common issues expatriates hailing from the Gambia face while in the United Kingdom. These issues are attached with but not limited to the Gambian expatriates in the United Kingdom but rather can apply to other expatriates in other parts of the world also.

Here is a brief insight into some of these problems.

Language: – If you land in the United Kingdom and have little command over the native language which in this case is English, you are bound to invite difficulty for yourself the moment you land. Because it is the language through which you communicate and try to avail of services such as hiring a cab or booking a room in a hotel to shopping and doing day to day chores.

Cultural values: – Every country has a different set of cultural values and customs. You must study those customs and cultural values before going to a foreign land. Otherwise, you risk indulging in activities that are a norm in your country of origin but may cause frowning in the foreign land.

Accommodation: – If you are going to the United Kingdom from Gambia to earn money and for money transfer to Gambia to support your family. And know little about arranging accommodation or house or where to do it, you will end up in grave confusion. You may end up arranging accommodation in a distant place from where you will work or you may happen to get access to a living area in a dilapidated condition, not fit for living.

Local laws:- Getting familiarized with local laws is a must. Barring a few laws that hold universal application, such as traffic laws which demand that one stops at a red signal and move when it’s green, the implications of breaking them can be different from your country of origin. So, understanding these laws, legal procedures and requirements is a must.

Weather:- If you go to the United Kingdom, you may find its cold, cloudy and rainy weather quite gloomy. Such weathers may be a rare commodity and in short supply in your country of origin but there, the abundance of the same can inconvenience you. Know about the weather in advance and choose the right set of attire accordingly.

Finding work:- Finding sustainable work in a foreign land can be a tedious task and which is the main aim of most ex-pats. You may have to work extra hours to ensure a decent living and may have to work even harder to maintain it. One thing you should keep in mind while finding work is that it must be sustainable and you can save enough amount to send money to Gambia online to fulfil the needs of your family.

Social network: – Leaving your loved ones behind has always been a challenge for an expatriate. It is important to integrate into the local communities and build as well as establish new friends and connections in order for you to entrench deeply and connect better.

Homesickness: – Homesickness is one of the most common challenges Gambian expatriates face when they stay in the United Kingdom. Albeit, technological advancements and the facility of video calling have made it easy to keep connected, but the attachment with the physical bricks and mortar structures and with family and friends does extract a heavy toll on your psychological wellbeing.

Health: – Health and safety can also be another major challenge and equally challenging is to find a comprehensive and sound health insurance policy. So, deep research to this effect is admissible.

Conclusion: – These are some of the most common challenges an expatriate faces, whether hailing from the Gambia and living as an ex-pat in the United Kingdom or anywhere else across the world for that matter. Therefore, learning about the country you are visiting well beforehand and memorizing certain facts and figures about that country is highly recommended and admissible. Money transfer to Gambia should also be kept in mind besides all your needs in the United kingdom.