What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid While Sending Money Online?

Senegal is a very popular destination when it comes to the list of countries which are famous for international remittance. People send money to Senegal for several reasons. Whether one lives abroad and has to support the family back home or there are a number of other reasons like online shopping and purchases or even buying a property in Senegal.

How Sending Money Online is Affordable and Quicker?

Thanks to modern technology and more specifically, the internet, the process to send money is now easier than ever. The transactions are quicker, safer and also more affordable.

Whether you opt for a bank transfer to send money or use the money transfer service of a reliable service provider, here are a few commonly committed mistakes that should be avoided at all costs:

1.     How Entering Wrong Recipient Details Cost Your Online Money Transfer?

One must check the details of the recipient entered in the transaction form twice or even thrice. There are common mistakes like spelling the name wrong, mixing up digits of bank accounts or identity card numbers and sometimes, writing the wrong amount of money that is to be transferred. For the online money transfer to Senegal, these details and pieces of information are incredibly critical. Therefore, ensure that you enter the correct amount so that you do not have to face any repercussions or problems and so that the money reaches the right destination and the right person as well.

2.     Why You Must Check Exchange Rates?

Some people are not very vigilant when it comes to checking exchange rates. They assume that the exchange rate will be the same no matter what. But this is the biggest misconception one can have in terms of sending money to Senegal online. Enough stress cannot be laid on the significance of checking the exchange rate before sending money to Senegal. Make sure that you cross check the current exchange rate so that you can pick the best time to send money and gain maximum advantage from the money transfer.

3.     Why You Must Link the Credit Card for Money Transfer

People are free to choose to provide money in the form of cash, through a debit card or use a credit card for the purpose of sending money abroad. For money transfer to Senegal, a large majority of the people use their credit card regularly for this purpose. This is one of the common methods. You can use a credit card sometimes when you are short on cash or do not have enough balance in the debit card. But it would be better if you choose you debit card for money transfer.


Sending money to Senegal is no more an issue due to latest trends in the international remittance. Get the best out of your transactions, and choose a service provider that offers maximum exchange rate. In addition to that you need to make sure the company offers low fee for their customers.