What are the common problems people face during money transfers to Developing Countries?

Sending money internationally has now become the need of all of the people around there. Most people have to send money to their families and children temporarily or permanently living in other countries.

But when people are asked about their experiences with online money transfer, most of them discussed many issues they faced while sending money. ACEMoney is here to deal with those issues as well but first, let us see what they are:

– Marked up the exchange rate 

Currency exchange rates are the most highlighted problematic factor in international money transfers. Most people have complained that they had to pay some more bucks to transfer money to other countries.

Most retailer banks and companies are charging higher exchange rates from the customers that are compelling them to pay the unnecessary bucks. Moreover, a few platforms are charging a higher service fee from people.

Overcoming all of these factors and picking the best portal is also a huge challenge for all those who rarely or regularly send money to Uganda online.


– Lengthy processes

People who are not educated enough were also unable to follow the very lengthy processes that were important to follow to forward remittances to the developing nations. A few banks and money transfer companies need the customers to fill in the details before making the transfers.

It may be hectic and time-consuming for the person who is using these services for the first time.


– Additional documents:

No doubt, security and privacy are very important for any organization. But a few banks or money sending companies might cause issues for the customers by demanding additional documents from them.

However, it may bring trouble for them to do it, so it is hard to collect and take the bundles of documents only to send some money online as per the customer’s perspective.


– Late cash deliveries

It is also a surprise that despite so many modernizations in online money transfers, most people claimed to experience any delays in cash deliveries. Most people complained that their payments didn’t arrive at their destination in even a whole week. It caused many issues in the life cycles of many people.


– Slow transfer systems:

During online money transfers, most people have also complained that they were too slow a few times. The system might stop responding, and people experienced expired transactions while they were transferring payments.

They had to visit the banks or payout locations to resolve the issues.


So how can you not fall into these issues?

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If you are still searching for any trusted portal, it will be an ideal choice for you. So using these services, you will be able to get in touch with your loved ones across borders.

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