What are the Common Reasons People Send Money To Senegal?

People send money globally due to a variety of reasons and the industry of international transfers has been growing ever since the concept of globalization was introduced in the world.

Senegal also holds an integral place in the remittance receivers as a notable amount of its citizens are working in different countries and they have to do money transfer Senegal, every now and then. Here are some main reasons why people need to use money transfer service in the state of Senegal.

Money from Migrants

The US is the working hub for the people of Senegal. Every year, many more people migrate to the US for work purposes. These ex-pats have to transfer payments on a monthly basis to financially support their friends and families.

Most of the people use the online money transfer system for carrying our transfers, as they are more facilitating and less time-consuming. Remittances make up to 75% of the total international income in Senegal.

Paying Fee/Rent of loved ones

Many grandparents are observed to pay the school fee of their offsprings as a token of love and care. Same is the case in Senegal.

Many universities and colleges are observed to get payments from foreigners on behalf of the national students. Moreover, if times get bad, many relatives living in foreign countries also offer to pay the home rents of their loved ones.

For Business Purposes

As Senegal is a developing state, it has a lot of areas for potential investments in it. International entrepreneurs and capital scale investors analyse their space of interest and start developing their assets for gaining maximum profits when the reaping time comes.

These transfers consist of huge amounts and are usually sent through wires. As they exceed the transfer limits of the state, Ace Money Transfers have the best method for soothing your huge transfers without creating a hassle for you.


Senegal is one of the most beautiful states of the Sub-Sahara region. Natural landscapes, mighty forests, less population and air pollution are the key characteristics which attract the tourists towards itself immediately. Many tourism companies invest in the state and transfer payments for carrying out their operations smoothly.

Buying Land in Senegal

Many people like to have their own houses or places to stay outside their home states. As Senegal is a beautiful and peaceful state, filthy foreigners transfer huge amounts to buy land in Senegal. Some of them transform lands into big houses.

While some of them may also use it for business purposes. As land and labour both are relatively cheaper in the state, many entrepreneurs start their setups for minimizing their costs to a maximum extent.

How ACE Money Transfer provides the best online money transfer in Senegal?

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