What are the Different Ways for Sending Money to Bangladesh?

Considering the number of people who send money to Bangladesh, yearly, it can be rightfully stated that international money transfer has become a necessity in the modern era.

People have to transfer money abroad for supporting families, take care of personal expenses and even pay for online shopping. Whatever the reason may be, the most important question that is asked in this regard remains to be “What are the different ways of sending money abroad?”. This article is a comprehensive guide about the different ways in which you can carry out the money transfer to Bangladesh:

  1. Online Money Transfer Websites

Thanks to the option of sending money online, the process of sending money to Bangladesh has become extremely easy and convenient. Through the use of online banking and with the aid of excellent money transfer service providers like ACE money transfer, the money is sent within minutes.

Another advantage of the use of these online money transfer platforms is the fact that they have comparatively better exchange rates yet a lower transfer fee as compared to the money transfer service providers on the street

  1. Mobile Money Transfer Apps

Most of the money transfer service providers have also launched their respective mobile apps. This way, the customers can send money to any part of Bangladesh at the cost of a few clicks. The apps can be installed on any mobile device, and all one has to do is link his bank account with the mobile app.

Once this has been done, the person can send any amount of money whenever he wants to and wherever he wants to.

  1. Using Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are another innovative yet easy and hassle-free way of money transfer. Mobile wallets have a concept similar to that of banking applications for mobile phones. Money can be topped up in mobile apps using personal bank accounts, and then this amount can be transferred to the bank account or receiver in Bangladesh. This is undoubtedly a convenient way of sending money, but the expense occurred in this method is higher as compared to the other channels of online money transfer.

  1. Inter-Bank Transfers

Inter banks transfers are undoubtedly the most common and popular type of medium that is used to send money to Bangladesh. The sender visits his nearest bank where he has a bank account and asks for the international money transfer process. He is guided by the relevant department, and the amount is directly transferred from his bank account to the bank account of the receiver. The expense involved in this process is the transfer fee charged by the bank and the exchange rate of the currency. This is by far the most transparent and trustworthy method of sending money and has the least amount of legal doubts involved. The money transferred via banks can be tracked, and confirmation is received from the banks every step along the way.

Send Money to Bangladesh with The Benefits of Online Banking in Mind

Banks these days let you transfer money online. Moreover, you can also pay your bills and check the record of your transactions from your internet browser. Dealing with your finances while sitting on your sofa is way more comfortable as compared to waiting in a long queue of people. Banks also allow you to deposit checks by just taking a picture of your check with the phone. If you have the internet, you can access your bank account information whenever you want, wherever you want. Money transfer companies have a lot of facilities relevant to that. You can send money to Bangladesh online easily if you are settled in another country. Here are some benefits associated with online banking.

You Can Pay Your Bills Online

The best thing about online banking is that you can pay your electricity and other bills while sitting at your home. Banks let you set up payees; you need to fill in all information once, and then you can use that profile again and again whenever you want to send payment to the same person.

Send Money Online, and Also Access Your Account History

Online banking lets you have access to your account history. To send money online is the fastest way to check if a transaction has cleared or not. If you have lost your receipt, you can also check the number of transactions online. You can also have a check on unauthorized transactions and quickly resolve issues.

Between Accounts of Money Transfer

You can transfer money between different accounts, and before doing this, you can also check if you have funds for this transfer or not. For money transfer to Bangladesh, it is a convenient approach that can save you from a visit to the branch. When you make an online account, make sure to mention all the bank accounts you have. You can also make online loan payments.

Mobile Banking Is Very Convenient in Money Transfer

Most of the banks have mobile applications. These mobile applications are comfortable to use. You can take advantage of online banking on your smartphone. If you run out of money, you can immediately transfer funds using your phone. Online banking is much more comfortable with mobile applications r mobile banking.

Are Banks Perfect for International Money Transfer?

People trust banks with their money; they think of banks as a secure way to transfer money abroad. No doubt, banks are a safe way to transfer money, but there are some issues related to bank transfers. They charge hidden fees. Moreover, their exchange rates are not favourable. In other words, banks are expensive. You have to pay an extra fee to send money. For so, it would be better to consider some other trusted online money transfer companies.

Online banking is good to prefer, but banks are not a good option for transferring money abroad. Online money transfer services are best to consider if you want to help your relatives living in Bangladesh or like to send money to your business partner. It is recommended to consider ACE Money Transfer services, as they provide you with the most reliable services for an online money transfer to Bangladesh. You can initiate your transfer while sitting at your home using their website or mobile application. Give them a chance, and they will not disappoint you.