What Are the Different Ways to Receive Remittances in The Developing Gambia?

Gambia is the smallest country in Africa that has been struggling with its low economy from many decades. Despite the different actions by the state, more than 75% of its population has chronic poverty. Due to its ideal location on the shore, it possesses beautiful rainfalls and tropical forests which makes it an excellent spot for tourists. People from other countries often send money to Gambia to fulfill the needs of their loved ones. In addition to this, tourists also take help of online money transfers.

Are Lesser Number of Commercial Banks An Issue of Online Money Transfer?

All these reasons have led to the migration of people for work purposes. Mostly, these migrants have to transfer money to Gambia every month. The unavailability of infrastructure and a lesser number of commercial banks makes it a challenge for the local people to receive international payments. Although there is a multitude of companies who are working to send money, there are very limited points for remittances in the Gambia.

How to Send Money Online With the Different Ways?

For the money transfer to Gambia, here are some ways which can help you in receiving the payment.

1.     Can You Send Money By Visiting the Specific Bank/IMTO’s Branch:

If you are using a wire transfer, then the only way of receiving it will be visiting the bank or IMTO’s branch by yourself. But if you send money to Gambia online, then there will be multiple options for receiving that. So, if you have the branch of any commercial bank nearby or if your IMT provider’s payout location is at some steps, then it may be relatively easy for you to collect the payments physically. But, if there is no bank near to the beneficiary, then try to opt for other options. It would be better to send money online through an app or website.

Also, keep in mind that some companies may charge the payment withdrawal fee from the beneficiary. Many efficient International Money Transfer Platforms facilitate their customers by cutting the transfer costs to the minimum.

2.     Can You Send Money Through Mobile Wallet?

As mentioned earlier, technology has opened mysterious ways of ease for every individual. If you are living in a rural area, or your work routine is hectic, or if the branch of a commercial bank/IMTO is far from your location, then you can quickly receive money in your mobile wallet. You will be notified by SMS, email or call when the payment is added into your account. The same notification is also sent to the sender. You can use your mobile wallet to pay bills directly, do online shopping and fulfil other monetary requirements.

3.     Is Door to Door Cash Delivery Easily Available?

Many migrants use this service to send money directly to their families and loved ones, with their maximum ease. If the receiver doesn’t have a bank account and not even a mobile wallet, then you can ask your provider to deliver the money to the beneficiary’s doorstep. This facility is highly useful for people living in rural or underdeveloped areas. Until the payment is received securely with the signature or verification from the receiver, it will be a responsibility of the IMTO to deliver it safely.