What Are The Most Common Ways Through Which One Send Money?

Here is a story of a Ghanaian expat, who often send money to Ghana.

I moved to England when I was merely twenty-five years old. I came here for an internship and training but, to my fate, ended up joining the company permanently. At that time, my father was alive, and he was the one who took care of all the expenses at home. But unfortunately, a few years ago, he passed away the responsibility of the financial matters at home fell on my shoulders. 

Being the eldest son and that too living abroad, I had to find a way to send money home every month. Thus, I began my quest, and I started to explore my options. Here are the five most efficient ways through which I can send money to Ghana online with the least amount of hassle and inconvenience but at the same time carrying out the transaction at the most minimal cost possible:

What Were The Common Methods To Send Money Online?

In the modern era where the world has been connected thanks to the internet, the option of online money transfer is pretty apparent. It is the best way to send money if you are in no mood to wait in lines or visit a bank or the nearest service provider to help you carry out the transaction. I use this method when I am in a rush and have no time to transfer money personally. 

Through Mobile Apps:

Mobile devices and smartphones are now commonly used to pay bills, send and receive payments and even purchase things online. So why not use them to transfer money from one country to another. There is a large number of such apps that are now readily available. Install them, set up an account and send money at the cost of a few clicks. Can money transfer to Ghana get simpler than this? Probably not!

Use A Mobile Wallet:

A mobile wallet is also a very innovative way to send money back home. The majority of the people have now switched to mobile wallets because they are sick of the hassle of carrying physical cash with them everywhere they go. If you use a mobile wallet, add the amount you wish to transfer to the mobile wallet using your bank account and send it to your family in Ghana. 

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

Transfer Money To Pickup Locations:

Many service providers like Online Money Transfer allow users to send money to the nearest pickup locations. This way, the receiver can receive the money immediately, and all he has to do is visit the pickup location that is the nearest one for him. This money transfer method is my brother’s favourite since it causes a lot of ease for the receiver. 

Via Bank Transfer:

If I ever have to send a more considerable sum of money, I always opt for a bank transfer. The process is a bit complex, and the money takes time to reach the Ghana. I am assured that the process of online money transfer to Ghana is secure and reliable.