What are the Payment Methods for Ghana And How Do They Work?

With the progress of time, people are provided with more and more possible options to send money globally. It helps the audience of different needs to fulfil their requirements. In states such as Ghana, the receivers face more problems than the senders due to lack of infrastructure. As a result of this, ACE Money Transfer has a multitude of receiving channels available so that you can easily send money to Ghana without any extra hassle.

What is a Bank Deposit in Money Transfer?

If the beneficiary has an active account with any commercial bank of their state, then it’s straightforward to transfer the payments. You have to enter the details such as the name, number, and IBAN of the recipient. Your payments will be channelled!

They can receive the payments online or get cash by visiting the bank physically; whichever option suits them the most.

Also send money to other countries like: Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

How to Send Money Through Agent?

Sometimes the beneficiaries don’t have active accounts, or else they have residences in rural areas from where the banks are far. These people have to endure extra transport costs or spare a whole day out to get the payments.

In this situation, transfer agents are a solution. They receive the payments and get them delivered to you safely. However, they may have an additional fee for extra services. The unavailability of agents is also a barrier in some regions.

What is E-Money?

Mobile transfer apps and e-wallets have made it possible to send money to Ghana online in few seconds only. The recipient can get the amount in the form of e-money, which can be directly used for cashless transactions. It is by far the cheapest option to send money online.

In the Sub-Sahara region, this type of payment transfer is the most popular. Moreover, many enterprises have announced that in the coming years, all of their payments will be regulated by using digital channels.

It also has some limitations. In less advanced states, online services are not readily available. If you live in an area where the internet is not catchable, then it can be a challenge for you to transfer payments smoothly.

What is Door To Door Money Delivery?

This option is used when none else is possible. In this situation, you have to give the CNIC, Address & Primary Contact of the recipient. The provider is responsible for making the payments to their doorstep.

After seeing the ID and taking signatures, the payment is handed over safely. It is mostly used in rural areas, where the internet or agent service is not readily available. However, like others, this service also comes with some extra charges.

What is ACE Money Transfer?

The purpose of giving multiple options to their customers is that they can be able to fulfil their every need. If you are remittent who is looking for a provider with a wide range, look no more because ACE Money Transfer is a trusted platform with its network in many countries of the world!

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