What Are The Top Countries Offering Great Work-Life Balance For Expatriates?

For an expatriate having a job abroad and send money to Nepal or their home country, each month is not the only option to consider. A proper work-life balance and other incentives are also necessary for peace of mind. Expats in most countries with an excellent work-life balance, such as New Zealand (89 percent), Costa Rica (88 percent), and the Czech Republic (88 percent), express above-average satisfaction with their lives abroad (87 percent ).

According to the Expat Insider 2017 report, high satisfaction with work-life balance doesn’t necessarily imply that expats don’t work a tonne. Indeed, a large proportion of expats in the featured countries work full-time, and their weekly working hours aren’t always significantly shorter than the global average. Six main metrics – world happiness index, average monthly salary – were used to rate countries around the world. Cost of living, property price to income ratio, healthcare quality, and global peace level were all factors that went into calculating an overall quality of life index.

What Is The Position Of Turkey In World Great Work-Life Balance Countries?

Turkey may not be one of the countries that aggressively seeks and recruits foreign workers from other countries. However, it is possible to get a job in Turkey working for a multinational company that is still looking for qualified workers. Several Nepalese works in Turkey and send money to Nepal online.

Many considering working in Turkey can be shocked by the size of the average expat salary for middle managers on offer. A hefty $266,298 per year adds significantly to the pleasures of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

What Is The Work-Life Balance And Major Job Opportunities In France?

When it comes to the skills shortage in IT, AI, technology, and creativity, France is no exception. France’s technology industry, like that of many other European nations, aspires to be able to openly hire digitally trained and educated workers from India, China, and the Middle East and transfers money to Nepal and other developing countries.

To help alleviate the situation, President Macron announced the introduction of a technology visa last year, with the aim of attracting foreign talent and making France the best country in which to work for skilled workers. If your business is relocating you to France, you should expect an expat plan for middle managers to cost about $255,288 a year on average. You can perform an online money transfer to Nepal with just a few clicks from your mobile application through ACE Money Transfer