What Are The Top Countries With Highest Number Of Filipinos Working Abroad?

Remittances or send money to Philippines bring money directly into the hands of individuals and households, pulling millions out of poverty and stimulating economic growth through improved access to credit, education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. It’s no wonder that the Philippines is one of the biggest recipients of foreign funds globally, with over 10 million Filipinos working abroad. Every year, remittances contribute to billions of dollars, accounting for roughly 10% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). According to World Bank reports, remittances to the Philippines totaled $35 billion in 2019.

Most of the knowledge on the internet creates a muddled view of where Filipinos live outside of the Philippines. One of the main reasons for this is that some commentators combine regional figures for permanent and temporary residents. Despite well-researched underlying statistics, this approach distorts the final count of where Filipino expatriates want to settle on a long-term basis. We painstakingly compiled the most recent available statistics by class of international residency and presented them underneath for permanent residents.

How To Ensure Best Level Of Security To Transfer Money To Home Country?

You want to know that your money and personal details are safe when you send money to Philippines online from the United Kingdom. All payment systems used by ACE money transfer is reliable, and the ACE money transfer website and mobile app are encrypted to protect your personal information. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom regulates all the transactions and follow the standards of many other regulators around the world.

Although no payment or collection mechanism is entirely secure, there are several safeguards in place to keep e-transfers secured, including:

How Is Online Money Transfer Secure Through Data Encryption With Several Layers?

This ensures that data is encoded several times so that it cannot be read by anyone if it is intercepted or compromised on the way to the intended recipient. Even before online money transfers to Philippines and other parts of the world, you need to insert your transaction password or one Tim password (OTP) you get on your mobile through SMS.

How Are Online Money Transfer Service Providers Preventing Fraud?

Answering security questions, providing a unique code, or verifying your identity are all needed by reputable e-transfer companies. This is to ensure that your money transfer is safe (s). Sending money to Philippines online to a suspicious recipient or logging in with a new computer will result in fraud.