What Are The Top International Money Transfer Organizations Around the World?

The concept of international money transfers has progressed over time due to ever-growing globalization. In 2018, approximately 689$ billion were transferred internationally, three times greater than international fundings. This fact highlights the importance of money transfer companies in the world. Many companies stepped into this industry for catering to the needs of people. However, some of them made their brand names by providing quality services. If you want to send money to Bangladesh, Pakistan or other developing countries, some of the most efficient money transfer organizations working worldwide are enlisted here.

Western Union:

The pioneers of international money transfers, Western Union, are among the most preferred organizations for making overseas transfers. It has almost every category of cash transfer, from Wire to Online transactions, they have got it all covered. Usually, all the payments are transferred within the same business day. For routine transfers, their daily limit is 5000$. However, their business transfers can allow the transfer of larger payments after fulfilling specific terms and conditions.


It is the largest online money transfer service, all over the world, currently. With high transfer limits and ease of proceedings, they have 98% positive responses from their customers. They have an extremely low fee with relatively optimized exchange rates. The only con of using this platform is that they do not have any physical presence.

ACE Money Transfer

It is an efficient emerging name in the industry of international money transfers. With more than 300 payout locations, they provide many payout locations to their customers, for their increased ease. The transfer fee is low, and their immediate transfers can transfer payments within seconds! Other than that, the transfer process is very user-friendly, which means you do not have to waste extra effort and time solely to transfer some bucks. For the money transfer to Bangladesh, they are one of the immigrants prime priorities.


It is a very recognized organization. Their transfer fee starts from 0$ only. They enable their users to transfer payments through the wire, online or by using their app. It is highly recommended for making single or regular remittance transfers. You can create a free account, have free transfers, get extremely competitive rates by using your manager (provided by the company) or the 24/7 online support.

Currency Solutions:

Started in 2003, this organization has succeeded in winning the trust of more than 30,000 regular customers. Their transfer fee varies according to the payments and destinations, ranging from 0$-3000$. You can send money physically or online, whatever suits you the best.

How To Send Money to South-Asia Easily?

South-Asia is an integral part of international remittances. A considerable number of migrants send money regularly. Similarly, a significant ratio of migrants, who send money to Bangladesh online from the UK contributes heavily to these countries’ economies. Many efficient providers such as Transfer Wise, Western Union and Ace Money Transfer are working in this region, to provide efficient services to the people.