What are the Top Money Transfer Apps For Sending Money to Ghana Online?

Ghana is one of the least developed states in Africa. Due to the overall low financial status of this region, a lot of migrants send money to Ghana regularly. As compared to other regions of the world, the use of mobile money and mobile transfers is greater. One of the many reasons behind this is the unavailability of infrastructure.

Different money transfer apps have made their pace by providing efficient services. Most of the people now prefer to do cashless transactions. So, if you want to send money to Ghana online, then here are some best choices for you.


Venmo is one of the top international money transfer app, around the globe. The main attraction of this app is that it is much similar to social media apps such as Facebook. You can make your transactions public or private, as per your desire, from the app features. Similar to Facebook posts, you can like and comment on other’s transactions. Moreover, it also integrates your Facebook friends and phone contacts, enabling you to check that who else is using the app.

You can receive payments free by using Venmo. You can also send money without any extra charges if you have integrated your card from any of the major 30 banks. Moreover, there is also a wallet in the app, which lets you send money free of cost.

ACE Money Transfer:

Ace Money Transfer is an emerging name in the industry of money transfers. They have online portals and money transfer app for the feasibility of its customers. For a money transfer to Ghana, follow these three simple steps by using this app.

  1. a) Enter the amount and country.
  2. b) Enter the details of the recipient.
  3. c) Your payments will be sent!

Similar to other efficient apps, there are absolutely no charges for receiving payments. For online money transfer to Ghana, the transfer fee is also low. The app also comes with a wallet in it which helps people to spend the received money on other fundamental things such as paying for groceries, bills etc.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook introduced a free and easy method to send payments domestically and internationally. But, the important thing that you must keep in mind before using this app is that for sending payments for the app must be registered with one of US banks. So only the migrants living in the US can benefit themselves from this fantastic app.

Sending and receiving payments is absolutely free. You can transfer payments to any of your Facebook friends by simple taps only. No extra or unnecessary information is required to proceed with your online transactions. It also allows the users to create a PIN or use a 2-Step Verification Method for an additional layer of security.

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.