What Are The Top Money Transfer Companies to Send Money To Your Homeland?

Bangladesh has one of the most rapidly emerging markets in the whole world. It is a growing economy in South Asia. Due to its elevating GDP and a stronger currency, many people from underdeveloped and developing countries have moved to Bangladesh for earning bucks to take care of their families or loved ones. Thereby, the need for efficient money transfer service is also essential in this state. Dozens of companies are helping people to send money to Bangladesh.

Some of the top-recommended IMT providers, working for Bangladesh are enlisted below.

1.     ACE Money Transfer:

It is also an efficient and credible company working in all over the globe. With the option of instant or traditional transfer, they have a huge number of payout locations. This is making it very easy for migrants to send money to Bangladesh online. They have zero-markups on exchange rates, and their service charges are extremely compatible in the market.

2.     Western Union:

The pioneers of money transfer services, Western Union, is a worldwide known company to send money online. You can send cash by traditional or online method. With the instant cash delivery facility, they are offering different payout choices to their customers, including Cash-Payout, Direct Transfer to the bank and mobile transfer. Their rate cards are available at their official website that you can check before making any transfer.

3.     Money Gram:

A very trusted money transfer platform for money transfer to Bangladesh, with maximum transfer limit of 6000$ per day (or equivalent in any other currency). They offer cash delivery within one day and provide a multitude of payout options to their customers, including online transaction, transfer agent, bank to bank transfer along with international card number. They have a “Rate Estimating Tool” on their website, which allows one to calculate his service charges and exchange rates according to his sending payment.

4.     Transfer Wise:

With up to 250,000$ transfer limit, Transfer Wise comes with great experience, assuring security and credibility for international money transfers in Bangladesh. Their service fee varies, according to the amount and country. They provide optimized exchange rates and is an excellent choice for all the people who want to transfer payments now and then. However, you can send payments only through their online channel.

5.     World Remit:

Regulated by FCA, World Remit is providing 9000$ transfer limit in a day with instant cash delivery. They have incredibly high currency exchange rates, which can be calculated using their “World Remit Tool” available on their official website. It helps the customers to save most of their money. It offers cash to pick out through multiple channels including traditional cash pick-out, direct bank transfer, mobile top-up and online transfer.

For the online money transfer to Bangladesh, these companies can be relied on.