What can be the possible restrictions for online money transfers?

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Pew research center has described that almost 625 billion USD was used to send money globally in 2017. Money transfer service providers give the migrants benefits other than just to send money online. Other benefits include the quick, safe and free of cost services.

To use an online money transfer service, one of the key points to focus on is which factor you prefer? Whether you would go for the transfer who takes a lot of days or the one which takes just a few minutes? Another factor can be the cost. Also, the country where you have to send the money matters a lot. A few most popular methods for decades have been check payment and bank transfers. For some years, the use of an online money transfer system has been increased a lot. This is the reason that the remittances have crossed the five hundred billion US dollars milestone. The individual country and overall global economy can be seen moving towards the revolution.

Dealing with the online money transfer system is not that much easy as it seems to be. Especially the people who use the service for the first time, illiterates and the increased formation of scam websites have increased the risk. Apart from getting the good how now of the usage of online money transfer; there are various demarcations in the process.

Local restrictions

Local holidays and local working hours are a restriction for global transfers. The inter-bank transfers work only on the local working hours. The timings change country to country and create a little mess for the transfer through banks.

The local restrictions are lower while using online transfer options. Some operators require the use of agent service and bank accounts transfers. To avail of these services, the timings should be considered.

Global restrictions:

The global restrictions in an online money transfer include the non-availability of the service in the other region. The transfer services are working in most parts of the world but not every service is available to use in every region. A few works for key countries others work for the others as well. For example, In the case of Africa, it is not possible for Western Union to directly make available a bank payout.

Government-imposed charges:

Governments of every country have their own rules and regulations. Country to country the fee also varies. The distant country from the sending country cost is generally higher. The money transfer cost depends on the distance between the two countries. Most of the services charge more, due to the Governments imposed charges on specific countries.

Foreign exchange controls are the specially imposed controls that differ from country to country. The purchasing or selling for the immigrants also comes under this section. The imports, exports and the balance between payments can be adjusted through this.

Legal requirements

The legal requirements include providing identity proofs and residency proofs. Even the receiver has to show his identity. The service providers can avoid money laundering and fraud cases through theses legal confirmations. An example includes the use of ACE Money Transfer; it requires the documents of identity proof as well as residence proof to make a successful transfer. ACE Money Transfer can be used to send money to Senegal. You can start by making the account on the website. The next step is selecting the country. To complete your details, give proofs regarding your residency and identity. In the next, complete the further process. Hence, money transfer Senegal is just possible in three simple steps.

Mostly the huge amounts have tax payments. The tax is dependent on the receiving country.

Preference to value the rules and regulations of the area is an important aspect. The regulations change area to area. To meet those requirements, it is suggested that you should take complete information before going for the transfer.

Exchange payments

Exchange rules change worldwide. Currency is exchanged according to the foreign exchange rules. The exchange rates differ in a matter of seconds. Some service providers give better exchange rates and are most of the time preferred over other service providers. TransferWise provides a lower fee and good exchange rates. Good exchange rates can help the receiver to receive a handsome amount.

Hidden charges:

The problem with service providers arises when the total amount deducted from the account is greater than the supposed or calculated amount. The fee does not show the hidden charges. It becomes a restriction as it will not let the customer use the service next time. Public reviews can help in avoiding the hidden charges. TransferWise offers no hidden charges.

Sometimes the agents charge an extra fee as their commission. Although they do so for their good, it is not permissible until specified by the service provider.

Currency & the related hurdles

Currency changes either region to region or from country to country. The different currency in different regions provides a hurdle for the public. The websites which demonstrate that they do deal with different currencies are often preferable. You should check the exchange rates to estimate what the currency is and how much of the currency will be received by the receiving country.

The limit of transfer

One of the most important and careful steps is the amount. The amount one can send to the other one generally depicts a lot about the country’s policies. Sometimes countries and in other cases the service providers have their limits. The limit most of the services have is of 10000$ limit for the whole month. Remitly has a limit of 20000$ for maximum transfer. Minimum transfers also have a limit in some cases.

Get help from the expert

The ultimate guide to avoid any kind of hurdle can be an expert. A finance expert generally helps in providing the complete information. You can easily get help from the customer care centers to avoid any issues related to money transfer.


Every path has its problems & hurdles. The only way to avoid these is to get complete information regarding the subject. Online money transfer services provide a guide on their website. An expert from the related field can help in the matter.