What Do Migrants Prefer to Send Money to Bangladesh?

Do you know Bangladesh has sent more than 6.7 million workers over 140 countries for more than three decades?

The astonishing outcome of the decision is that the remittance received from these migrant’s workers has reached an extraordinary level of over 10 billion US dollars in 2009. What do they prefer to send money to Bangladesh?

That is all due to the blessing of the online money transfer service. That’s the reason why in developing countries, remittance payments from migrant workers are increasing at a significant rate.

Preferences of Overseas Bengalis

An overwhelming majority preferred service like online money transfer over traditional services like banks to transfer money to Bangladesh. According to them, the informal channels are quicker, faster, and more comfortable in moving money and their exchange rates are better than the formal channels.

To get the things done faster, ACE money transfer provider is there to give you best service in seconds only by clicking the “transfer button”, causing no stress and panic at all, instead of making you indulge in lengthy procedures, signing checks, visiting banks on and off along with the wastage of time and money.

Satisfaction with ACE Money Transfer Service

ACE money transfer service provides commercial transactions using mobile phones and a wireless communication device. It provides:

  • Perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness
  • Perceived transaction cost as independent variables.

There are around 60 million people in Bangladesh, of which only 13% have bank accounts, whereas more than 95% are using ACE money transfer service to money transfer to Bangladesh. Around 54% of respondents opinioned that this service is less costly and time-saving, and 63% of respondents felt trust for this service.

Analytical Research

Digital remittance providers are of great benefit in financially underdeveloped countries. The research proved that the user cost of ACE money transfer service is less than that of the traditional transfer service, i.e. banks, postal mails, etc. due to advanced technology adopted to send money to Bangladesh. It also provides the best accessibility and feasibility factor.

Statistical Analysis

The statistics present the value of remittances received by Bangladesh in 2017. The payment received in Bangladesh amounted to approximately 13.5 billion US dollars. For 2018, this number was estimated at 15.5 billion US dollars.

You have read the article which is showing that the confounding features of the ACE money transfer service. The reviews, analytical results, and statistical analysis are given which help you to let you select a well-experienced service that can support you in your bad times, with low cost, fast transaction, quick procedures, safe method, and available usable property.


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