What Factors to Consider for an Easy and Quick Money Transfer to Nigeria?

Being in another country is for sure one hard time for anyone to stay away from their family and homeland. We know most of the people travel to another country to find better opportunities for a bright future. Same is the case with the people of Nigeria. Most of them try to move to any other developed country, from where they can send money to Nigeria back to their family. All this is because of the higher paid jobs in those countries, such as United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France and Spain

What are the Different Factors to Consider with Online Money Transfer?

Further, you must also understand that several factors are going to be included while you will be looking for money transfer services around you. But you should know that there are reliable services available such as ACE Money Transfer. If you wish to send your precious money back to your family, then no doubt you should get it done through a reliable company. Their friendly and supportive customer services are often available to provide you with all the ease that you require for sending money.

What is the Right Mode of Payment for Nigeria?

First of all, the necessary thing that you need to know about the right service provider is that they provide a multi-mode platform for the customers to facilitate them. First of all, comes the bank transfer, which is for sure one of the common means of money transfer. Not all of the money transfer companies provide the facilities to send money to Nigeria online directly to the bank. Besides, the one that is providing this service may take several days for this process to complete. With a reputed company, you can get this whole process done in less than 5 hours. This is one of the fastest bank transfer yet.

Besides, some companies also provide a lower fee and the higher exchange rate for their customers. The aim is to achieve as many satisfied customers as they can. One of the prominent companies ACE Money Transfer has access to the commercial banks of Nigeria that includes:

  • Guaranty Trust Bank
  • United Bank of Africa
  • Diamond Bank
  • Access Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • First City Monument Bank PLC
  • Imperial Homes
  • Heritage Bank
  • Skye Bank PLC
  • Keystone Bank Ltd.
  • Standard Charted Bank
  • Union Bank of Nigeria
  • Sterling Bank PLC
  • WEMA Bank PLC
  • Unity Bank PLC

Why is There a Need of Bank Account to Send Money Online?

If you want to send money online in Nigeria, then you must have your bank account. Well, this is essential to receive money from anywhere around the world. There is no doubt that these services are on top for online money transfer to Nigeria. These companies also assure you the best rates that you will never receive from any other transfer service. And that is something, which differs them from any other money transfer service in the world.

Does Best Money Transfer Rates Available Online for Nigeria?

Usually, you have to pay for the high difference in the exchange rates, which is set by many of the brokers themselves. But here there is no such case because professional money transfer services always try to bring you the best rates that you can regarding currency exchange. Some companies try to keep this price hidden to get the attention of the customers. Once the price is received at the other end, then you will realize all the tax that has been deducted from your actual price. On the other end, you need not worry about the actual price to be received by your family if your service provider is a decent company.

What Process Involved in Money Transfer?

Well you are now coming back to the topic. All you need to do is to provide the necessary information about the bank account if you want to perform this transfer from bank to bank along with the bank account number. After that, you need to make sure that the receiver has a bank account in any of the given banks. Now provide the information about the receiver’s bank account.

Select the Amount and Currency

Once you have received all the necessary information, then you can proceed with a different process. To proceed with money transfer to Nigeria, select the amount that is required to be processed. Now there are two other methods by which you can transfer your cash on your own. First one is getting it done through our online website. Secondly, you can complete this process of money transfer through the Smartphone app, which is available on all the app stores.

Select A Best Mobile App to Send Money?

To get an application, you need to search in the search bar of a money transfer company’s website. Then start downloading it, because they provide this app free of cost. Once you have selected the amount, then select currency as well in which this amount is going to get delivered. In the end, a webpage will open in front of you where all the details of the transfer are displayed. Everything will be ready along with the transfer fee and exchange rates. This way, you can find the exact amount that will be received at the other end.

The goal of a company is to make sure that you always stay connected to your family. Send your precious money back to Nigeria to support your family. Besides, if the cash sending is instant in the same way, they also provide the instant receiving as well for the cash. Reputed companies always make sure that your family never has to face any trouble while receiving your money from the bank. So that is why they also provide the offer of transferring money service directly to the bank account. Then, you can withdraw the amount anytime you want from your bank account. Last but not least, they also guarantee the safety and security of all the money that is being transferred.