What is a way to send money to Nigeria without any hurdles?

The world is advancing with leading innovations in information technology as well as financial services. In contrast with old-fashioned methods to send money to Nigeria and other countries worldwide, the modern money transfer methods are additionally fast, secure and reliable. People from Nigeria travel to different areas of the world to earn money and support their livelihood. International remittances play a vital role in the lives of different people. To some, international remittances are the only source of income. Whereas, for others, international remittances are essential to meet the financial requirements. We will discuss in detail how you can get the best money transfer rates for remittance transactions.


Many remittance service providers offer a variety of exchange and transaction rates. Before you send a money transfer to Nigeria, there are certain things that you must know.

Bank to Bank Transfer

You can send money to Nigeria by using a bank-to-bank transfer. In this way, you will be able to transfer money directly from your bank account. But for that, you must have availability of the same bank in the destination country. The following option allows you to send money internationally in the same bank account of another country.


The Drawback of Bank-to-Bank Transfer 

For a bank-to-bank transfer, the major drawback is the increased transfer fee and exchange rate. As a result, money transfer rates turn out to be exceptionally higher than expected. If you have to transfer money to Nigeria on more than a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. In that case, the Bank to Bank-Transfer will not suit you well. A large portion of the remittance amount will be deducted due to transfer fees & poor exchange rates. Such a situation leads to the unnecessary wastage of money in the processing charges.


Online Funds Transfer 

The new era is all about making instant online funds transfers. Now, with the aid of digital money transfer, you can transfer funds instantaneously. Businesses and organizations are taking advantage of Electronic Funds Transfer transactions (EFTs). The world of online money transfer has paved paths for success & development. What was once found in the imaginary world is the ultimate reality. You can send money to Nigeria with digital money transfer service providers. Just like every other top-rated money transfer service provider, ACE Money Transfer takes the lead. Here is how you can get the best money transfer rates to Nigeria in simple and easy steps.

ACE Money Transfer- International Remittance

The online money transfer industry is emerging with the involvement of new entrants. ACE Money Transfer is recognized as the best international remittance service provider. You can send money to Nigeria online with ACE Money Transfer in quick and easy steps.


Create a digital account on ACE Money Transfer. Proceed to the official portal of ACE Money Transfer and create your digital account in seconds! Unlike banking signup, which requires a prolonged waiting period.

Provide Information

The second thing that you can do is, provide information regarding personal and beneficiary details. Once the quick information is gathered, then you are ready to make your first transaction.

Enter Amount & Send

The final stage is to select the destination and host country. Enter the amount that you wish to transfer to Nigeria. If you are not sure, how much money you will be able to send to the beneficiary. Get help with the aid of an ACE remittance calculator. Just enter the amount in your currency & the calculator will exchange the amount with the best available rate. Enjoy the best money transfer rates with the ACE remittance service provider.

Send Money to Nigeria via ACE

With an extensive network coverage of ACE Money Transfer, send secure & swift money transfers. The most common issue usually faced during money transfers is the unavailability of network coverage. But ACE Money Transfer has the ultimate solution for an extensive network of facilitators. Numerous affiliations and associations of ACE Money Transfer also assist in extended availability in maximum areas.


Swift & Secure Money Transfer

Technology has served multiple aspects, enhancing the rapid processes, and reducing time. The remittance sector has been introduced with numerous blessings, such as digital money transfers. Compared to ancient modes of money transfer to Nigeria and other developing countries, ACE provides swift & secure ways to send money to Nigeria. Your hard-earned money is valuable, so it is better to send money transfers via ACE. In return, the ACE provides you with excellence in transactions and the best money transfer rates.

Concluding the above discussion, it is convenient to send money to Nigeria with ACE. If you want services worth the satisfaction and comfort, ACE is the best option to go with. The additive edge of ACE is the best money transfer rate, with low transactional costs. Create an account on the official portal of ACE today and unleash the ideal remittance experience.