What is Apple Pay App?

Apple Pay App

For sure you might be wondering that what exactly Apple Pay App is. So this is basically a money transfer service that has been launched by Apple. With the help of this service, you will be able to transfer your money to anywhere around the world to any account in the world including Ace Money Transfer account as well. When you get a credit or debit card then the bank will charge a yearly fee for that card from your account, and whole year several other taxes are deducted every month.

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Bank will not ask you for that fee, instead, that amount will be deducted automatically without letting you know about it. But in the case of Apple Credit card with each purchase done through it, you will get a surprising amount of cash back into your account. And it is for sure that no other service adds up money to your account. The more you spend the more you will get back, suppose if you are outside and you need to purchase something from a store, or you generally purchase something from the online store that accepts the Apple Pay Credit Card then from all the purchase you will make from that you will get 1% cash back automatically in addition to the daily surprise cash added to your account.

Apple Card

And when you will purchase something by using Apple Pay and it does not matter that whatever you purchase, but you will receive a total of 2% cashback over the daily amount in your apple account.
Similarly, if you purchase anything from the apple store, or you do some purchase at iTunes, or even you do some in-app purchase by using apply pay then you will be receiving cash back of 3% which is for sure more than enough.

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