What is my routing number Barclays UK?

Most of you must be familiar with the bank named Barclay. Indeed, it is the British universal bank. The bank is renowned primarily for accommodating small businesses through retail banking services. Whereas, for customers with large-scale businesses, Barclay provides corporate-level banking & investment services. With the aid of a routing number, people can send money to Gambia from India. 

Keep reading to find out more about the ‘Routing’ number. We’ll discuss the details for better understanding. 

What is a Routing Number?

A ‘Routing’ number defines the trace to your bank account, where you first opened your bank account. Many platforms require checking account numbers when you are making an online payment. There are other terms as well, which define the routing number. Routing transit numbers and ABA routing numbers are similar categories are referred to as the routing number. 

What are SWIFT & IBAN codes?

IBAN is a general banking term used for representing international banking account numbers. You can take benefit from your IBAN to manage the transfer of international money transfer. IBAN is an additive account number sanctioned to customers for better international representation in the banking sector. A SWIFT code assists overseas banks to identify your bank branch. If you are a Gambian ex-pat living overseas, you can send money to Gambia from India. All you need is the swift or IBAN of the account you wish to transfer money to. 

Where can I find my routing number?

Usually, the routing number is mentioned in the documents that are provided to you from the bank. The best way to find your routing number is in the checks. The combination of numbers before your account number is the actual routing number. You can find it easily on the bottom of your checks. 

How can you receive money from abroad? 

You can send and receive payment from abroad using different methods. Many people use banks to transfer money overseas. But for long-term practice, bank transfers are not considered a suitable alternative. However, many remittance service providers assist you in money transfer to Gambia from India. 

Before you receive payments from overseas, there is a list of things you may need to provide to the sender. The list contains: 

  • IBAN (International Banking Account Number)
  • Barclays SWIFT Bank Identifier Code
  • Sort Code & Account Number (if you did not provide IBAN and SWIFT code) 
  • Full Name & Address
  • Amount & Currency 

Contact Support Centre

The best method includes layer process, so for instance, if you are stuck at any layer. You can reach out to the other one for assistance. As an example if you are not sure about your routing number. You can always contact the customer support center for assistance. After a successful exchange of information with customer support, you will get your routing number. For instance, you have to send money to Gambia from India. You may need to find the routing number to complete the money transfer. 

Can you send money to Gambia from India?

Yes! After the true blessing of technology and digital money transfer. It is possible to send money to Gambia from India. You can find different ways to transfer funds. But, the best approach is to always find a reliable and cost-effective money transfer service provider. There are numerous money transfer service providers, but you can always count on ACE Money Transfer. As it provides you the best exchange rates and the most economical transactional costs. So, you can worry less about the fees and send money transfers conveniently. 

Why routing number is important for money transfers?

The major advantage of international banking is, that you can transfer money from any corner of the world. But, the key concern is, if you are ever asked to identify your bank branch from the list of banks. How are you going to do that? To answer this question, each bank has a separate routing number. Usually, you can find this number in the bank account information details. 

If someone wants to send money to Gambia online from UK. They must provide the information regarding the routing number to identify the right bank account. Many banking organizations support routing transit numbers, an abbreviation of RTA. And also in some cases, you may find the ABA routing number to identify your bank branch location. 


Summing up the above discussion, it is clear that routing number plays a vital role in money transfer. If you are willing to make online money transfer to Gambia from UK, you just need to have the correct routing number. In case, if you could not find the accurate routing number, there are chances for the loss of transaction. Or in some cases, it may lead to significant failure in money transfers. It is always advised to find the routing number before making a money transfer. So, your transaction can find its way to the right owner.