What Is The Best Option To Send Money To Pakistan?

Pakistanis have been migrating to other countries for work purposes, from a significant proportion of the time. These ex-pats have to use online money transfer service regularly for transferring money to their friends and family residing in the home country.

Many of these remittances face different problems such as high cost, delayed service, lesser payout options during their overseas transmissions thereby Ace money transfers brings the best option for all its users to experience a hassle-free money transfer.

Easiest Process

The online services of money transfer have never been easier than this. We have a primary three-step process that is easy to be adopted by any layman. First, Sign-up and make your account with Ace Money Transfer. Second, add the details of the receiver. Third, send payments by completing the transaction.

Multiple Payout Locations

We do not restrict our customers to get their payments from only a specific site. We have collaborated with top-class systems of Pakistan such as trustly and bombora so that our customers can fetch the payments easily through their bank accounts or by using their credit/debit cards.

With around 275,000 payout sites, it is straightforward for the remittance to send or receive their payments from any state, around the world.

We give a 14 digit transfer pin after completing the transfer, which is used for receiving the payments. Only the sender can share the pin with the beneficiary. In this way, we make sure that your payments do not go into wrong hands.

The recipients only have to give their 14 digit pin code and an ID to get the transferred amounts from any of our partner banks or payout locations.

24/7 Services

We work 24 hours and 7 days so that you can easily transfer the payments whenever you want. Our services are not limited to office hours or weekdays only.

Open our website at any time, whether it’s a weekend or a bright Sunday, we can regulate your payments to all commercial banks of Pakistan, irrespective of the time or date.

Send payments in Person.

Many people living in rural areas of Pakistan do not have banking facilities or online services in their areas which leads to a load of problems in fetching payments.

For solving this problem, we have hired more than 1000 agents, who will receive your money and get it to the beneficiary in person by visiting their home or primary contact site.

In South Asia, Pakistan is one of the countries for the remittance industry. Thereby, ACE Money Transfer has a wide network of coverage in both of these states for facilitating its customers.

They provide their users with optimized exchange rates and the cheapest transfer fee to save their payments. For more information, visit our website and get your quote now!