What is the best way to send money to Ghana?

People living abroad or away from their friends and families struggle with sending money to their loved ones. The world has evolved in the process of globalization and the process of sending money has also evolved in different ways. A number of methods are opted to send money to Ghana, such as Bank transfers, money orders, online transfers, etc.

 Online Money Transfer

Out of all the options available to send money to Ghana  or online money transfer to Ghana is the best choice. Using online money transfer solutions allows people to send money quickly and securely from the safety of their homes. It is done without needing to go out to banks or remittance agents or use cash to transfer money abroad. Online money transfer services and mobile remittance apps are cheaper, as the majority charge smaller fees on money transfers to different countries.

Multiple mobile money transfer apps are used for sending money online. Such online transaction apps and services have emerged as a prevalent modern-day money transfer method and Coronavirus lockdowns have triggered a surge in the use of this method.

Best Online Money Transfer Services

Online money transfer services have made the process of transacting money very easy and portable. Numerous money transfer services are operating, but all services vary in terms of fees, reachability, accessibility, etc. If you want to send money to Ghana, you can opt for ACE Money Transfer. Considering the aspects of affordability, security and reachability, ACE Money Transfer offers the best services in all spectrums. The said company is one of the best home remittance provider services. ACE’s app is very user-friendly and is compatible with both Android and IOS users. You can also avail of the services through the ACE website. The company is one of the most innovative cross-border P2P money transfer networks operating around the globe. ACE intends to provide secure, handy and cost-effective transactions

How To Send Money Through ACE

If you want to send money to Ghana through Ace, you can get the best exchange rates through ACE app and website. Follow these simple steps to send money through ACE and receive it in Ghana.

  1. Create an account using our app or website.
  2. Complete your profile with basic details and identification documents.
  3. Choose destination country as Ghana
  4. Select the desired payout option as Instant Cash pickup. You can choose from any of these banks Tigo, Airtel Money, MTN, Wari Ghana, United bank of Africa Ghana, First Atlantic Bank Ghana, Bank of Africa Ghana
  5. Pay for the transaction using your Debit/Credit Card or your Bank Account.

ACE provides numerous offers and exciting gifts for their valued customers. The company has always benefited its customers as compared to other services in the market. ACE money transfer provides reliable and efficient service with the best exchange rates and nominal transfer charges. It has been providing premium services to their customers since 2002.

You should also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda Using ACE Money Transfer.