What is the Best Way to Send Money to Nepal?

Asia has a low of countries that are growing. One of those countries is Nepal. This has brought a lot of prosperity to the nation. With it, it has also given more importance to the proper transference of money through secure channels. And such secure channels are only found online through online money transfer methods. Not only are businesses in need of this service, but many other people who have found work outside of Nepal. Some have relatives, and some have friends. Some want to buy something from Nepal. So to send money to Nepal through proper channels that are safe and secure is very important.

There are many ways to money transfer to Nepal online. They are the following:

Gone are the days when you had to send money to other places by getting ready, putting your money safely to be able to reach a money transfer office without getting robbed. People did get robbed, even now, which is why these companies, with the help of the internet decided to go online so that people won’t have to get compromised financially because everything these days is online.

How to Sign Up for Online Money Transfer?

Signing up for online money transfer kind of time-consuming, it can take a few days to weeks to process the online money transferring feature of banks. This is how you do it:

Visit your bank with your ID card, bank details, i.e., account number, and mobile phone with an activated SIM that is connected to your bank account.

Once you have all this info, you can ask your banker to verify your account biometrically, and once it is done, he will ask for your signature and thumb imprint. After the thumb imprint, you will be able to send money online through the online money transfer app or the website of the bank.

Why Online Money Transaction Service?

Online money transfer services like banks can help you send money to another country in a matter of minutes. Unlike banks, online money transfer doesn’t ask for an additional fee for the transaction of money between the send and the receiver. They also provide better exchange rates as compared to banks. Not only that, but online money transfer services also have features in their applications that can tell you the best time to send money to the specific country you want to send to.

How to Sign Up for Online Money Transaction Service?

Signing up for an online money transfer service is more comfortable as compared to banks. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to the website or download the mobile application of the service you opted for.
  • Sign up, and log in to your account.
  • Enter the required details asked of you and the receiver.
  • Enter the amount and send it.

The money will be transferred, and if you are looking for a reputable online money transfer service, then a money transfer company is the way to go.


Nepal is a developing country, and because of it, it has seen a massive boom in new businesses taking place in it to expand themselves. Due to these businesses trying to develop themselves here, and also due to many companies trying to expand themselves out of Nepal, an easier, safer, and faster way of wiring money is needed. One such way, the best way to send money these days is through online money transaction services. Therefore, if you want to send money to Nepal online, then opting for a respectable online money transfer service is very important.

Why Choose Online Money Transaction Services?

There are many reasons why one should choose the process of sending money online, but only two reasons are why one should consider utilizing it, they are:

1st reason: With state-of-the-art security protocols and systems engaged and installed, coupled with a 24/7 online staff, it surely makes this service secure and will make any client for relived and relaxed that their finances are going through secure channels.

2nd reason: It is fast. Instead of waiting in the long queues at banks or remittance agents, you can use the mobile app or website of the online money transfer service and make your payments with your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Choosing The Best Online Transaction Service

There are many online transaction services, but the one that provides the benefits that are discussed earlier is a money transfer company. Furthermore, ACE provides the following additional benefits:

Discounted options and better exchange rates are offered.

Lower transaction fees as compared to banks and remittance agents or no fee at all, especially hidden fees.

Choosing a money transfer company can give you all these benefits, ensuring you can money transfer to Nepal, safely, securely, and swiftly without any delay and any chance of it being compromised.

How Do Online Transactions Work?

It is quite easy to operate. To operate such a service, you need the following things:

  • A device, laptop or mobile device.
  • Banking credentials of the sender and receiver.
  • A fast internet connection that is exclusive to you (for extra safety).

These Steps Are Required to Make a Transaction:

Step no. 1: Login into your online money transfer app or website after registering.

Step no. 2: After registering, all you have to do is add the beneficiary’s account number, their email, their name, and their mobile number, except for account number, others can be optional.

Step no. 3: Once the beneficiary is added, you can put the amount you want to transfer to the receiver.

Step no. 4: An OTP will be given through you via email or mobile phone. Enter the One-Time Password (OTP), and you will be notified about your money transaction taking place. Once the amount and the beneficiary details are verified, the money will be transferred.

The same steps are applied to people who have a biometrically verified bank account. They can use their bank’s mobile app or website to do the same thing, although more additional transferring of money fees will be added, unlike online money transfer services.