What is the cheapest method for sending money to Nigeria?

Have you ever wondered how to send money to Nigeria? Transferring your money through a bank from your home country to literally anywhere else across the world is easy and convenient. But, this ease and convenience do not come cheap and is rather compensated through the high fee and service charges by the banks. Again, with the advent of many online monies transfer companies rendering services in different parts of the world and catering to the needs of millions of people, it is still difficult to tell between a cheap and an expensive way to transfer your money or remittance abroad.

Here is a set of brief suggestions to consider for choosing a cheap method to send money to India.

Firstly, determine your exact needs and state those clear cut in front of yourself. This is important because paying an extempore visit to the market (whether physical visitation or virtual visitation) can cause confusion.

Secondly, you need to look for a bank or a company for money transfer to Nigeria, once you have determined your needs, to check if their services correspond to the exact needs that you have.

Thirdly, you need to draw comparative analysis between different companies as it will help you avail of the best services available in the market either through banks or through online money transfer companies.

Fourthly, you need to check if the services being offered for sending money online are secured or not given the increasing rate of online crimes.

Fifthly, you need to see the accessibility and availability of the services of a certain company or bank. We know that banks operate in a fixed frame of time from dawn to dusk and necessarily take days off in a week whereas, other service providers work for extended periods of time. This factor is important to consider in case if you happen to send money at an awkward time and to a distant place.

Sixthly, you need to look for low service charges. There is the trick here. There are banks as well as companies which offer their services in exchange for a meager amount as service fee or charges but they do not give due consideration and importance to the quality in terms of security, timely delivery of funds as well as the exact amount as a deduction can be made based on a number of ‘’technical’’ reasons.

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular methods to send money to Nigeria online and cash.

Net Banking: – You can directly initiate a transaction from your personal bank account from the online banking app.

Debit/ Credit Card: – It is another most popular way to send money but in it, the maximum limit of amount to be sent varies from bank to bank.

Online Transfer: – In this method, you book your transaction with the online money transfer company and through your personal account.

Mobile Payment: – Apple and Android payments apps and methods are becoming popular which you must check out.

Conclusion: – From all of the above discussions we can say that the cheap method of whether cash or online money transfer to Nigeria depends on a number of factors detailed out above. And any company meeting all of these conditions such as ACE online money transfer company can turn out to be your best choice for sending or transferring your money or remittances to any other country across the world.