What is the Fastest & Secure Method to Send Money to Pakistan?

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is in the west of Asia. According to 2018 census, the population of Pakistan is 212.4 million. Most of the Pakistan people are currently working abroad to earn money so that their family living in Pakistan lives a better lifestyle then they lived. Most of the Pakistani’s are currently living in the UK.

According to a survey, Pakistanis are the second most populous ethnic community living in the UK. These people are also very beneficial for the economy of Pakistan.

Pakistan receives a big amount as a remittance as a result of money transfer from these overseas Pakistani’s. There are different methods to send money to Pakistan from the UK.

In the article, we will discuss these methods, and in the end, we will conclude with a result that which method is the best for money transfer to Pakistan.

Different methods of money transfer to Pakistan:

There are different methods of money transfer to Pakistan. Different people are using different methods. For example, earlier in the ’90s almost everyone used different conventional methods.

Some of these conventional methods were like bank drafts, bank cheques, sending money through a money agent, etc. people had to face a lot of problems while using these methods for money transfer. Some of those problems are discussed below:

The main problem was that you have to waste a lot of your precious time in transferring money to Pakistan. Lengthy procedure for sending the money was also a difficult task to do.  after then you have to submit the form in the bank along with the money you wish to transfer.

You have to pay the heavy tax due to costly transfer charges these taxes were almost 10% of your total amount. After then you have to wait for 3 days for your money transfer.

Physical the appearance was a must to send money to Pakistan. Also, the recipient has to face a lot of problems while receiving the money you have transferred.

These are some of the problems that people faced.  now let us discuss the solution to these problems.

Online money transfers service solution to all problems:

This is the best service if you want to send money to Pakistan without facing any hindrance. Online money transfer service was introduced for the ease of the people suffering from the old and lengthy conventional methods. Some of its unbelievable services are:

  • Its fast money transfer service saves a lot of your precious time that was wasted in conventional methods.
  • No physical appearance is needed to send money you just need a mobile phone or laptop and an internet connection to send money through online money transfer service.
  • Its money transfer charges are very low/cheap and affordable for everyone.
  • multiple currency exchange service is available for the customers.
  • It takes just 10 minutes for the transfer of your money to Pakistan from the UK.
  • Also, the recipient can choose the nearest location for cash pick up of his/her own choice.
  • At last, a notification informs you about the details of your transferred money.
  • These are some of the remarkable services that online money transfer service provides to its users.

Simple steps to send money to Pakistan from the UK:

Follow the given steps to send money online:

Download the mobile app from google play store and register yourself.  Then enter your name, address, and phone number. After then enter the recipient name, address, and phone number. Now choose an easy payment method. At lasts press the send option to send money to Pakistan from the UK.

Choose the best online money transfer service among all by checking the ratings of that app and by checking the reviews given by the people who have used that app. What are you waiting for quickly to shift to an online money transfer service to get benefited?

Wrap up:

Money transfer to Pakistan is a very potent way of adding value to the country’s GDP. When you send money to Pakistan you always look for all the possible comfort options.

So you can have all your favourite services at one platform that has been provided by online money transfer service. Now you can help your family and country grow financially by the best medium and be at ease.