What is the Importance of Role of Remittance In Pakistan?

Pakistani expatriates send money to Pakistan as remittance to support their families. In a nation like Pakistan, where foreign currency is scarce, inbound remittances are a valuable source of foreign currency that helps the government meet its import needs.

The significance of inbound remittances requires investigation. From the last two decades, the role of remittances in Pakistan has changed. Inward remittances were less than half of Pakistan’s exports in 2003; however, remittances are anticipated to exceed exports this year.

When people send money to Pakistan, this trend provides clear evidence of the vital role of remittances in the country’s current account.

What is the Importance Of Remittances To Pakistan’s Financial Independence:

Investments in remittances may make a major difference in a country’s economic well-being. Evidence shows that money transfer to Pakistan has a substantial role in poverty alleviation, particularly in developing nations like Pakistan.

Studies like Abdul Qayyum’s have proven that remittance inflows to Pakistan help with economic growth and improving social circumstances. Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan, in particular, have profited from remittances to Pakistan.

Pakistan has a poor economy with a population of about 9 million people dispersed over the globe. Remittances to Pakistan act as a stimulus for investment, triggering a cycle of growth-promoting production, exports, consumption, income, and, in turn, more investment.

This is why the Pakistan remittance program was created.

Initiative for Pakistani Remittances

Despite receiving significant remittances year after year, the Pakistan Remittance Endeavor was established as a collaborative initiative by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, State Bank of Pakistan and the Ministry of Finance to avoid a future drop in remittance inflows.

This is accomplished by establishing a recognizable ownership structure that facilitates remittance inflows. Since remittances have been important since Pakistan’s independence, the program aims to encourage international investment while also addressing unofficial remittance routes.

Asaan Remittance Account

The State Bank of Pakistan has effectively reduced the influx of remittances through informal channels known as hundi and hawala in conjunction with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in the hopes of encouraging the usage of legal channels like online money transfer to Pakistan through ACE money transfer.

It has created the Asaan [Easy] Remittance Account and an m-wallet program to facilitate remittance inflows through official channels and provide a simple platform for citizens living abroad to transfer cash.

This enables people to send money to Pakistan in a relatively simple manner. Because inflows from nations that have historically provided a large portion of Pakistan’s remittances are on the wane, the success of this effort is critical for the country.

An efficient way to send money to Pakistan

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When foreigners send money to Pakistan online, the influence of foreign remittances on the country’s economic growth is examined in this article. Because Pakistan is a developing nation, increasing foreign capital inflows will boost investment, consumption, and economic development.

Many Pakistani families rely on remittances from family members who work in other places across the world. It has a significant influence on their health, education, and economic well-being. As a result, the Pakistani people’s efficiency improves. They will be able to earn more and more.