What is the Less Hassle Way of Sending Money to Nigeria?

Nigeria ranked in the first place as the largest remittance recipient in Sub-Saharan Africa. Are you searching for the way or money transfer service from which you can send money to Nigeria in the most effortless way?

If yes. Then You should send cash through the ACE Money Transfer, which is the best of services. Many other online monies transfer services send your money to Nigeria.

What are the Hidden Facts About Online Money Transfer to Nigeria?

In 2017, Nigeria became the largest remittance recipient with a $2.2 billion remittance in Sub-Saharan Africa. But looking at the remittance as the share of GDP, they both have different ranks.

Personal payment received in current USD is 3,802,876.35 that is estimated by the world bank staff in 2018 for Nigeria.

Why migrants send their money to Nigeria?

Migrants are sending money to their homes for some common reasons. These reasons may include medical expenses, household consumption, education, savings, investments, festivities, and celebrations.

So that their families and loved ones pick up that cash and use it for useful purposes, above all, if you do it form ACE Money Transfer, you got peace of mind.

What are the Other Online Money Transfers Services?

Some popular online money transfer services are given that facilitates you to send money to Nigeria. Some services are fast; then, they do not give you the highest exchange rates.

If they give you a high exchange rate, then they are not fast. ACE Money Transfer claims to provide you with the highest exchange rate with the lowest fee. Another method, you can also send your money through bank transfer.

Why ACE is the most acceptable way to send money?

With ACE Money Transfer sending money is quick and straightforward. That do not eat your time up. You can have some leisure time for yourself.

It makes ex-pats or migrants feel relaxing, and they love to use it. ACE Money Transfer wants to make sure that much of our money send through optimal exchange rates.

You can be assured that you are getting the highest exchange rate. They are value their customer’s privacy and money as they value their privacy.

For that reason, they have deployed the best system to secure privacy. So, you do not have to fret, your privacy, money, transactions, and account details are secured.

ACE Money Transfer provides fantastic customer support. It is the thing that any customer needs to make transactions. The customer feels confident while making a transaction.

Because they know ACE Money Transfer has got their back. You can track your transactions through the ACE Money Transfer website. They are giving this feature for the customer’s peace of mind. So that customer has some carefree time.

How to send money to Nigeria?

You can money transfer to Nigeria through ACE Money Transfer in some simple steps. While making transactions only go to ACE Money Transfer.
First, you must select cash and the amount you want to send. After that, give some details about the recipient. That is all for making the transaction.

Sending Money to Nigeria Through ACE

The ACE Money Transfer provides many delivery options to send money to Nigeria. These are cash pickup, bank deposit, and Mobile wallet.

Mobile Wallet for Nigeria

ACE Money Transfer is now facilitating Mobile Wallet for Nigeria for an instant transfer. Transfer Money straight away to Airtel Money, Tigo Money, and MTN accounts in Nigeria

Cash Pickup for Nigeria

It is the best and easiest way to send money to Nigeria. Your receiver will receive a 9-digit code instantly after the creation of a transaction.

The reward for using the Mobile Wallet

If you use a mobile wallet service to send money to Nigeria, then ACE Money Transfer will reward the receiver. The receiver will get a free Airtime to form them. The receiver will get 3 GBP Airtime for free if you send 100 GBP or more. Customers love it; you must grab the best deal out there.