What Is the Nigerian Stock Exchange And How Can We Trade Shares On It?

Do you want to send money to Nigeria so that you can buy shares on Nigeria Stock Exchange? The NSE is an official stock exchange where buyers and sellers of stocks (shares) can trade. To be eligible to have its stock exchanged on the NSE in Nigeria, as in most other markets around the world, a business must meet certain conditions. The company must be publicly traded and have more than 50 shareholders, among other requirements (owners).

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) occurs when a company decides to sell shares for the first stage on the NSE (IPO). A company’s subsequent sale of shares may be a Public Offer (PO) or a Rights Issue. These will be addressed later.

The stock market, like every other market, is governed by the powers of supply and demand. For example, a company may have ten million outstanding shares (available on the stock exchange), but only a portion of them may be offered for sale by the company’s owners. As a result, if only 5 million of those shares are regularly exchanged, you and any other willing buyer can only buy 5 million. You can send money to Nigeria online for investment because online money transfer is a secure and fastest payment method.

What Are The Foreign Investment Opportunities In Nigeria For Expatriates And Foreigners?

There is no doubt that industries like agriculture, mineral wealth, tourism, consumer goods, garments, and entertainment provide significant opportunities for foreign direct investment (FDI). That’s why expatriates money transfer to Nigeria is counted in billions annually. The broad consumer market is one of several factors that affect foreign direct investment in Nigeria. To encourage further investment from both within and outside the country, the Nigerian government has offered a range of tax, export, and other incentives.

Another source of optimism is the increase in the ease of doing business; the business registration process has been streamlined, easing the burden of registering a business. The country’s attractiveness as an investment destination has also been enhanced by the free flow of online money transfers to Nigeria and the absence of expropriation of investment (except for public purposes).