What Is The Prediction About Remittance Flow To South Asian Countries?

Are you an expatriate and send money to Nepal or another South Asian country? Following a 6.1 percent increase in 2019, remittances to South Asia are expected to drop by 22% to $109 billion in 2020. The worldwide economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic and oil price drops may cause remittances to the South Asian region to stall in 2020. Remittance outflows from the United States, the United Kingdom, and EU countries to South Asia are likely to be affected directly by the economic slump. In addition, remittance outflows from GCC countries and Malaysia will be affected by falling oil prices.

Remittance expenses: At 4.95 percent, South Asia had the lowest average remittance costs of any area. The prices of several of the lowest-cost routes were less than the SDG objective of 3%. This is most likely owing to huge quantities, competitive marketplaces, and technological adoption. However, due to low volumes, minimal competition, and regulatory concerns, expenses in the highest-cost corridors are well over 10%. Banking laws relating to AML/CFT increase the risk profile of remittance service providers, resulting in higher prices for some receiving nations like Afghanistan and sending nations like Pakistan. The cost of money transfer to Nepal is also low like their neighboring countries.

What Is The Trend Of Labor Flow From Nepal To the Rest Of The Developed Nations?

International migration has become an actuality in today’s increasingly interconnected world, affecting practically every corner of the planet. People may now move more easily, cheaply, and quickly in quest of jobs, opportunities, education, and a better quality of life thanks to modern transportation. Conflict, poverty, injustice, and a lack of sustainable livelihoods force individuals to flee their homeland in search of a better future for themselves and their children. Migrants mostly send money to Nepal online to support their families.

In past years, the number of international migrants has risen dramatically, reaching 258 million in 2017, up from 220 million in 2010 and 173 million in 2000.  With the increase in the number of migrants, online money transfer to Nepal has also shown a growing trend. Over 60% of all foreign migrants live in Asia, which has 80 million people, and Europe has 78 million. Northern America, with 58 million international migrants, came in third, after Africa with 25 million, Latin America and the Caribbean with 10 million, and Oceania with 8 million (United Nations, 2017).