What Is The Role Of Online Money Transfer In Lifting Economies Of Poor African Countries?

Do you need an efficient and secure way to send money to Senegal or other African countries?

Online money transfer through mobile has proved to be a complete transformation in the history of money transfer. It can be considered as a breakthrough in science and technology. 

It would not be wrong to say that online money transfer has changed the table for conventional and more expensive ways. This is fast, easy, and secure if you are with a reputed company. Let’s discuss what changes have online money transfer caused in developing countries of Africa how has it played its role in lifting the economies of these countries:

Africa has seen a massive shift in its remittance figures and patterns over the past decade. Remittances to Africa in 2010 were recorded at USD 40 billion by the World Bank. In 2018, money transfers to Africa were around USD 46 billion in sub-Saharan Africa and USD 62 billion in the Middle East and North Africa combined.

Technological advances and new product developments can exert positive influences on economic growth. Increases in demand from foreign markets can lead to higher export sales. In any of these cases, the influx of income, if big enough, causes an increase in the economic growth rate.

How is Online Money Transfer Progressively Utilized?

As cell phones are getting more open, they are progressively being utilized for money transfer to Senegal and other African countries efficiently. Nearly 10 percent of grown-ups in 20 distinct nations used versatile cash eventually in 2011. In certain nations, more individuals have enrolled in online money transfer accounts than conventional financial balances. Online money transfer can be a lot quicker, more affordable, and a more secure approach to move than bank or mail center exchange. It makes open doors for unbanked destitute individuals who might be ignorant and don’t approach or are scared by the guidelines, and timetables of traditional banks.

What Is Role Of Online Money Transfer In Lifting The Economy Of Philippines?

The headway in innovation presented online money transfer through mobile, which was a lot of reliable, trust commendable, safe, chap, and extremely quick. You would now be able to convey cash anyplace on the planet just by not many snaps utilizing this strategy.

In 2019, Overseas Filipinos sent back $32.2 billion to the Philippines.


What is the Role of online money transfer in lifting the economy of Pakistan?

The after-effects of OLS show that unfamiliar settlements have a positive and massive impact on the financial development of Pakistan. One percent expansion in foreign payments will raise GDP by 0.25%. Swelling and conversion standards have a negative and massive impact on the economic development of Pakistan.

What is the Role of online money transfer in lifting the economy of Senegal?

The Senegalese diaspora has consistently been pivotal for the improvement of the nation. The economy of Senegal is deeply in debt and cannot survive without remittance. The advancement in technology introduced mobile money transfer which was much reliable, trustworthy, safe, cheap, and very fast. It has lifted the Senealian economy to a great extent.

What is the Role of online money transfer in lifting the economy of Gambia?

The Gambia, which in itself is comprised of around one-fifth of migrants from other parts of Africa allegedly, possesses a diaspora population of up to 70,000 who support the country’s economy in the form of remittance. An online money transfer through mobile organization encourages a client to cash move to the Gambia utilizing the web access chipping away at the marvels of information trade rather than a paper trade. The organizations have spread their organization all around the globe and give local people the support of sending cash internationally. 

What is the Role of online money transfer in lifting the economy of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is likewise one of the world’s quickest developing economies and one of the fastest nations. An enormous number of Bangladeshi diaspora, who live abroad to win, send their profit to their family. This cash is called remittance; remittance assumes a significant part in boosting up the nation’s economy. Henceforth, the need for trust commendable, and a quick strategy to move cash is self-evident. Online money transfer is a fast, simple, and secure exchange whereby a sender sends cash from their bank, credit/check card, or own versatile cash record to another portable cash account.


Versatile Money is an installment arrangement that empowers you to pay for products and ventures with their cell phones. Online money transfer is one of the e-installment arrangements accessible to Nigerians in credit only Nigeria. It is at the center of the CBN’s credit only or cash lite Nigeria strategy.

Various suppliers have just been authorized by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, to offer versatile cash in Nigeria. Some are now turning out administrations while others are intending to do as such. Other Benefits of online money transfer are:

  • Fast
  • Portable
  • Secure
  • Easy
  • Can be operated by unbanked