What Is The Step By Step Guide To Use Online Money Transfer Service?

Online money transfer is one of the most widely accepted processes globally. Soon after its discovery, people started using it for regular remittances and occasional transfers. There is no doubt that this system has helped people with a lot of facilitation. This has avoided an extra hassle in the international transfer process significantly, especially when you send money to Nigeria and other developing countries.

However, some people still hesitate using this service due to the inadequate know-how of technology. On the other hand, some people are using this process, yet they are not aware of its all features. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you benefit from this process.

How To Enter the Country & Amount to Send Money Online?

When you open the online transfer portal, you will be asked to enter the country from which you send the payment and the country in which it will be received. To send money online, enter the amount(according to your currency) you want to transfer. Make sure to enter the correct details, because you can face a heck of problems if the wrong country’s name is added mistakenly.

The amount section is also similarly cautious. The addition or subtraction of any zero or extra digit can lead to additional transfer, higher fee and sometimes you can even cross the transfer limit, making you liable to pay extra taxes if the state of any specific company has implemented any rules for that.

For Instance, if you want to send money to Nigeria online, there is no transfer fee. In case of a significant amount, you need to provide the proofs of your money, such as the source of income.

How To Enter the Details of Beneficiary Before Making a Transaction?

Now, you will be asked to enter the receiver’s necessary details. For the money transfer to Nigeria, it may include

· Account Number

· Phone Number/Address

· Email Id

· Account Number

· Credit/Debit Card Details

· Picture

· Other Identity Details

It will help make sure that your valuable amount is received by the right person to be appropriately utilised.

How To Enter the Mode of Receiving Payments?

Efficient transfer platforms such as Ace Money Transfers allow their customers to choose from many options for maximum feasibility. For Instance, if you want online money transfer to Nigeria, but the receiver does not have a bank account, you can send payment through e-wallet or mobile wallet.

Other than that, if the receiver cannot easily access commercial bank or IMTO’s branch, then you can ask your provider to do a door-to-door cash delivery. It will be the company’s responsibility to safely hand-over the total amount to the receiver. While handing over cash, the beneficiary is usually asked to sign a receiving Performa, which will act a documented proof that the payment was delivered safely.