What to Check When You are Sending Money to Nepal?

Sending money to Nepal a couple of decades ago was a challenge. Things are way easier due to online money transfer and people can easily use online platforms to help their families back home. What else do you need if you can easily manage everything with a money transfer app or an advanced website?

Money transfer apps are widely used by many expats, as these are easy to install in a smartphone. Also it doesn’t consume a lot of data due to low space. One can easily add his or her details to make an account, and then send money online to any of the family members of friends. Same is the case with a website that is providing 3D security to the customers. While making transaction, check whether the website has SSL or not. A website having no SSL, have a message of “Not secure” in the search bar. So while making your transaction, keep this factor on a priority.

Money transfer to Nepal is no more a hassle due to many companies. But choose one that is at least on the first 10 or 20 rankings, and also providing low or zero fee on the transfers. Aside from this, a higher exchange rate should be your choice.