What to Consider for Sending Money to Nigeria?

Nigeria is receiving a high amount of remittances, instantly rose from $11.23 billion in 2018 to $17.57 billion in 2019. That is a massive amount Nigeria receives and can create a significant impact on the Nigerian economy. Are you a Nigerian migrant want to transfer money to Nigeria to your loved ones? But you do not want to lose your money on the name of additional fee and high exchange rate. Are you seeking the best service for you to send money to Nigeria? Aren’t you still didn’t facilitate yourself with the worldwide trusted money transfer company named ACE Money Transfer?

Is Online Money Transfer A Step Forward?

Let’s have a look and step forward to send money to Nigeria online. This article will help you to find out the advanced features that will pleasantly find helpful for transfer money to Nigeria by ACE Money Transfer. Also, we categorize and elaborate it according to a customer’s interest to send money online.

What are the Advanced Features in Online Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer facilitate their customer to send money online quickly and efficiently. They are serving their customers from the past 18 years and have millions of trusted users around the world. Why is that? Because they have excellent up-to-date advanced features.

Can You Send Money Anytime Any Day with Online Money Transfer?

Do you want to transfer money like this? Don’t you want to send money online without any delay? ACE Money Transfer allows you to send money anytime any day. They are available to you 24/7 without affecting themselves from holidays or vacations and do not leave you in times of urgency.

Low Fee:

Send money to Nigeria without encountering high cost is troublesome. Your most of the money cut off first for the price, and then additional charges unpleasantly welcome you. Then you can’t do anything besides paying it because you have initiated the transaction.

ACE Money Transfer offers you to pay a low fee without having extra or additional charges. They offer their customers a transparent system that allows you to look at the total cost (which is very low) in advance before you initiate the transaction.

High Exchange Rate:

The exchange rate is a must factor that influences a transaction. It ensures that whether your money will convert to another currency at a great price. If you get the higher exchange rate, it ensures that your recipient will get most of your sent cash. ACE Transfer Company offer you to have a high exchange rate without hefty charges to transfer money to Nigeria online.

Versatile Access to Send And Pay For The Transaction To Nigeria

There is quick service for money transfer to Nigeria through bank transfer. It is only a matter of minutes to transfer it to your loved ones.

Various payment methods are here to pay for your transaction to send money to Nigeria online via:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Online bank transfer
  • Trustly

How Can You Create a Transaction to Transfer Money to Nigeria?

  • Create an account or register yourself on ACE to use their website or Money Transfer app.
  • Choose Destination Country (your recipient country)
  • From the Pay-out calculator, select pay-out option, i.e. bank transfer.
  • Choose Pay-out Partner nearly present to your recipient.
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter Recipient Info
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Confirm the details, and you are ready to send money online.

Nigeria ranks top in Africa to receive most of the cross border remittances from their migrants present worldwide. From the past two decades, a huge population is moving abroad to earn and send money back to their home country, that is why Nigeria has a significant rise in inflows year on year. Are you a Nigerian migrant living cross seas from your family? Are you finding a suitable way to send money to Nigeria that does not cut most of the money in the name of fees to transfer?

To send money online, you must understand how you can transfer money to your recipient and how can your recipient receive it.

Great features you can have while using an excellent money transfer service.

Let’s have a look at it.

ACE Money Transfer; Fulfilling Your Needs

Many money transfer services offer you money transfer to Nigeria, but they did not fulfill their needs as desired. There must be some crucial factors that are attracting a huge population to use their service. Why is that? They have been trusted worldwide for the past 18 years and have millions of users. It assures that they are providing the service that they claim to give you. Let’s explore its features, benefiting you and your recipient.

24/7 availability:

Who doesn’t want to send money when their recipient needs it. If a money transfer service offers you to send money anytime any day in actual, you must not let it go. ACE Money transfer maintains you to send money anytime without any delays or holidays.

  1. Low fee to transfer money:

The low fee is the primary concern of any Nigerian migrant to send money. You can send money without any additional or hidden charges. More good to you, your recipient does not need to pay any fees while receiving money.

  1. Top exchange rate:

The exchange rate is another demanding factor that each of us wants to have. But many of you do not have a clear idea about it when creating a transaction. Exchange is the rate at which your money exchanges to another currency. Make sure it is closer to the mid-market price to have the highest one.

  1. Fast transaction turnaround:

Short transaction time helps you to aid your recipient when they are in need to have money on their hands. With the help of ACE Money Transfer, you can transfer money to Nigeria instantly.

Here is a tip to avoid any delays or long transactions turn around. You must enter the correct information resulting in a rapid money transfer to Nigeria.

You can send money to Nigeria online via bank transfer.

Bank Transfer:

To avoid the ambiguity for sending large amounts, ACE offers Bank Transfer. Your money goes straight to your recipient bank account. The Transferring process is also very swift. Your recipient quickly withdraws money from a bank account.

  1. Pay for your transfer:

When you send money globally, there is a need to pay for it for the initiation. People are fed up with having one way to pay for their transactions. For their customer’s ease, ACE offers you to pay through multiple methods if they are not able to pay through one. These are:

Online bank transfer via Trustly

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  1. Track your transfer:

This feature makes everyone happy because you can quickly know about your transaction. But fewer can give this feature. But the most accurate and satisfying results are provided by ACE. You receive a confirmation email that contains a transaction code and helps you track your transfer.

  1. Customer support:

ACE Money Transfer treats their customers in the most valuable and appreciative manner. They respect it if a customer needs some help or clarity of any ambiguity. You can also take guidance via email and live chat through an online money transfer website or our money transfer app. They will gently handle and solve any issue for you.

  1. Security and safety:

When people are encouraged to use online money transfer services to send money to Nigeria online (e.g. send money to Nigeria from UK) they want to have a secure way. Like every other person, they have heard the stories of data being hacked online. So that must be their major concern.

As the emerging and flourishing industry in the market, online money transfer has deployed the best system and protocols to protect their customer’s data as their own. They respect the privacy of everyone. So that your money, data, and privacy remains safe and sound.