When Sending Money With High Fee and Low Exchange Rate?  

Are you looking for the new and fast methods to send money to Bangladesh from abroad? If your answer is YES, then you are in the right place (platform).

Are you an overseas Bangladeshi? Are you living in abroad to earn money? In this article, we will discuss the new and fast method known as the online money transfer to Bangladesh. Let’s first discuss some of the old methods that were used for money transfer to Bangladesh. 

Many people of Bangladesh are currently living in other countries of the world so that they can earn some good money so that they could provide a better and healthier lifestyle for their children and their whole family. These people use different methods for money transfer this article will guide you in the best possible way by comparing both the money transfer methods. 

What Is The Value Of Affordable Money Transfers Rates?

The online money transfer service is cheap and easily affordable for everyone who is living in abroad. Online money transfer service has no hidden charges or no hefty money transfer fees. As there is no manual work for which the customer has to pay; instead, it is the online transfer at the cost of MBs.

If you are using conventional methods for money transfer, this can be very costly. Money transfer through traditional means is very troublesome as the customer has to wait to fulfil the lengthy procedures. The transfer charges are usually high. On a few cases, money transfer charges are almost 10% of the total amount you are sending.

Can You Make Fast Money Transfer?

The most important feature (service) that online money transfer service provides is the fast transaction of money. The transfer speed of the online money transfer service is so fast that it only takes less than five minutes to complete the transaction. Sometimes the transaction may complete in just a few seconds. This case is only applicable to the transaction with in the same country. If you want to send money to Bangladesh online, this is one of the excellent factors.

On the other hand, if someone is using conventional methods like bank account transfer etc. This method is very lengthy, and it takes a lot of time to complete the money transfer process. Sometimes it takes almost 7 to 8 days and some times more than a week to complete the transaction. If someone is using this method to send money to Bangladesh, then his / her tension increases because of late money transfer.

Can You Have Multiple Cash Pick Up Locations?

In online money transfer service, the recipient has the facility to choose the nearest cash pick up location which is most suitable for them to receive the sent money because online money transfer service has thousands of cash pick up locations all around the globe.

While if we look in the traditional method, there is no such facility available for the customers for their ease. There are limited branches for the recipient to receive the money.

Is Online Money Transfer Available 24/7?

The online money transfer service is helping its customers throughout the day and night. There is no time in which you cannot do your transaction while using this service; instead, the online money transfer platform makes them deal with the transaction and the customer service at night also. 

But the traditional money transfer means are not providing this service to their customers as they only deal in the working hours. If a person wants an instant transaction in a single day must have to wait for the next day. 

How To Get The Best Out Of Currency Exchange Rate?

The online money transfer service is the multi-currency provider because it can give the conversion of local currency into any desired one. And the customer can also calculate the amount which will be left after converting the local currency during the online payment. Online money transfer service provides multiple currency exchange option for the ease of the users. It deals in almost all currencies.

On the other hand, the traditional money transfer method is not offering this amazing service. There are limited numbers of banks present in the town which provide the currency exchange. 

Simple steps to transfer money through the online money transfer platform to Bangladesh? 

Many companies are providing online money transfer. Some simple steps for transacting money through this process are listed below; 

  • Download the mobile application of the online money transfer service from google play store. 
  • Now create your account by giving the necessary information that is demanded from you at the website.
  • Now enter recipient’s information, i.e. name, address, phone number etc.
  • Enter the amount you wish to be transferred. 
  • Select the payment and the transfer method. 
  • Submit the form by clicking the SEND MONEY option. 
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you and the recipient after the completion of the transfer.

Wrap up: 

Money transfer to Bangladesh from any country of the world is not an issue in the presence of the online money transfer system as it provides its users as many facilities as they want. It is the only platform regarding money transfer that has a blend of versatile service at one place. So, try it today, and you will be amazed.