Where can we find the black market?

black market

Black markets aren’t chains of stores like the Walmart or a trading site like the Amazon and eBay. The most suitable definition for the black markets is that it is just a term used to refer to unregulated trading between two people. However, currently, the highest network of black markets is being operated globally through the internet.

With that, I don’t mean to say that it is just at a tap of the screen or very safe and convenient. The majority of the black markets operate in the dark web, which of course not every citizen can access and those who do don’t feel very secure and confident when they do so.

Where can we find the black market?

When someone finds his way into the dark web, the first thing they need to make sure of is their privacy because once you’re beyond the surface internet, there are no laws and regulations or any sort of surveillance from prevention of harming or getting harmed. The onion links of the biggest black markets of the dark web can easily be found online on the surface internet. Some of the most popular and notorious amongst these include the Wall Street Market, Dream Market, Silk Road 3 Market and the drug market.

All of the transactions on these sites are tax-free (of course) and done using Bitcoins since it is the only reliable decentralised currency that currently exists. Even though sometimes approaching the black market might be the only option in case of an emergency, it can be very risky and carry devastating consequences to access a black market.