Which currency is the highest in India?

Do you want to send your money to India? Historically, India is known as the Golden Sparrow by the West owing to the immense business and trade potential this region has always had. It must be kept in mind that in the historical perspective India is referred to as the region better known as the Indo-Pak subcontinent unlike what India is known to us today.

It was owing to its geostrategic location, its large population, and its diversified terrain including mountains, deserts, forests, rivers, ocean and planes along with 4 complete kinds of weather.

Ones with an interest in the Indo-Pak subcontinent’s history and knowledge thereof will clearly understand how its immense business potential had attracted and cashed by the British Empire with reference to the famous dialogue between Sir Thomas Roe and Mughal Emperor Jehangir.

This brief historical perspective will help us have a fair idea about the few highest currencies in India.

Currency is the medium of exchange for goods and services you get from somewhere.

Here is a list of the strongest currencies in India.

Kuwaiti Dinar:- Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest currency in India as one Kuwaiti Dinar will cost a staggering 242 Indian rupees and ex-pats also send money to India online in Kuwaiti Dinar.

Bahraini Dinar:- Kuwaiti Dinar is followed by Bahraini Dinar as one Bahraini Dinar will cost you 198.15 Indian rupees.

Omani Rial:- It holds position number three in India as one Omani Dinar will cost you 194.10 Indian rupees.

Jordanian Dinar:- It holds position number four as one Jordanian Dinar will cost you 105 Indian rupees.

Pound Sterling:- It occupies position number five as one Pound Sterling will cost you 93 Indian rupees.

Gibraltar Pound:- It occupies position number six as one Gibraltar Pound will cost you 93 Indian rupees.

Caymanian Dollar:- It holds position number seven as one Caymanian Dollar will cost you 89.68 Indian rupees.

Euro:-  It holds position number eight as one Euro will cost you 83.87  Indian rupees. Online money transfers to India from European countries is remarkable.

Swiss Franc:- It holds position number nine on the list as one Swiss Franc will cost you 78.94 Indian rupees.

Cuban Peso, Bahamian Dollar, Bermudian Dollar and the US Dollar will cost you 74.78Indian rupees, 74.71 Indian rupees, 74.70 Indian rupees and 74.68 Indian rupees respectively.

It must be noted with the care that the US Dollar is the only currency which stands outside of the list of top ten highest currencies in India. Despite the fact that the US Dollar is the world’s most traded currency and has held the distinguished position of being the world’s primary reserve currency. The US Dollar has not only grabbed this distinction but has successfully maintained this distinction for the past several years now with no chances in the foreseeable future to recede its ground for other currencies.

Conclusion:-  There are a few other currencies around the world that can also be added to this list but hopefully this list of the top ten or so currencies is sufficient to have a fair idea of Indian currency’s value and other currencies’ in comparison.

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