Black money is basically the money that people create through evil and illegal means. This black money is later introduced into the economy as white money for purchasing and business purposes.  Today, black money in the market is helping rich people to get richer. It can damage the economy in so many ways because it is so difficult for the authorities to track down black money.

The discussion of black money also includes the main drivers of this activity. Obviously, black money is dealt with by people who are sharp and who have the resources. In the market, people create black money by deceiving other people in different ways. People who belong to underground groups involved in criminal activities are usually black money dealers. Also, rich people who want to multiply their money use different ways through which they can convert black money into white money. Additionally, jewellers are also black money dealers. In exchange for black money, they give a bank cheque of the same amount. It is also trendy these days that politicians are also involved in this business too. Many cases have been seen where bureaucrats and political leaders are sending money to foreign countries, especially to the Swiss bank, in order to be filthy rich.


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