It is obvious that an illegal market can only damage the economy and society. Shady marketing means it will deal with all sort of evil activities to weaken the economic and social condition of a country. It is surprising that there are people who are in favour of the black market. These markets are the channel of supplies; let’s say marijuana, which is helpful for patients in pain and depression. Such form of markets is helpful for people who fail to find a cure in legal pharmaceutical drugs.

During the time of shortage of supplies, black markets can provide legal necessities.  Let’s take the case of everyday Cuba or a city hit by a hurricane where people suffer from the shortage of necessary goods. These shadow economies are also a way for people to earn a living who are dying of hunger and illness. People living in poor countries are perfectly employable but the state fails to provide them with job opportunities. Here is the case where the government itself becomes a reason why black markets exist. The overall discussion of people beliefs about black marketing relies on the conditions where people are living. It is obvious that worst living standards make people believe more in such markets than the legal institutions of a government.