Why ACE Money Transfer should be the first choice for money transfer to ghana?

Suppose you are Ghana national, living abroad in countries like the UK. A person who wants to do a money transfer to Ghana. Then ACE Money Transfer should be your first choice because it is one of the UK’s growing companies. But it is not limited to the UK only recently they started working in Australia as well. Now you can send money from Australia, UK, & Europe.

ACE Money Transfer has various features that many people like, but I’m happy to write about ACE because they have a low-fee on the transaction, and the first transaction is free. Not only that, they allow faster money transfer to Ghana bank account, mobile wallet, Mobile Airtime & cash pickup.

What worries me about other companies is that the transaction fee increases as the total amount increases, but that’s not a problem with ACE because you can send any amount with a flat fee.