Why Are Different Kinds of Online Channels Preferred for Sending Money to Bangladesh?

Most of the people around the world prefer to send money to Bangladesh online rather than using traditional methods. Bangladesh has a significant number of its migrants who are working in other countries. These ex-pats face a lot of problems such as the low return of payments, lesser payout options etc. while transferring their amounts. At this moment, ACE Money Transfer brings the most facilitating online channels to its customers and here are some reasons why you should start using it immediately.

How to Transfer Money through Multiple Ways?

ACE Money Transfer allows its customers to send money to Bangladesh through a multitude of ways. Each of them is explained here for your assistance.

A. Can You Make Direct Bank Account Transfer?

If you have to do money transfer by sending money to the beneficiary’s bank account, then its pretty simple. Enter the amount that you want to send, then enter the basic details of the recipient. That’s it! Your payment will be transferred! The receiver can fetch payments from any of our partner banks and payout sites in Bangladesh.

B. What If the Receiver Doesn’t Have a Bank Account?

If you don’t have an account with any commercial bank of Bangladesh, you can make an account at our portal. The process for signing up is very simple. Just open a website or install an app, enter your details, get your account, enter the details of the recipient and complete your transfer by proceeding.

The payment will be added in the receiver’s account, and a notification will be sent. After that he/she can withdraw the cash from any feasible option.

It happens in many cases that the remittent families don’t have their bank accounts. After completing a money transfer to Bangladesh, they give a 14-digit pin that is shared with the beneficiary by the sender. The receiver just has to go to any of our affiliated banks or cashout sites and give his/her 14 digit code along with ID. That will be enough for withdrawing the payment. You don’t have to make a bank account or app account for getting the transferred amounts.

C. Can You Pay Using Credit/Debit Card?

If you want to transfer money at a specific time when you don’t have enough cash in your account, cards are a great saviour for covering up such scenarios. Ace money transfers allow people to link their card details with their accounts to transfer payments. They have an optional column of card details in the profile settings, from where you can add them or remove them; however you want to.

Can You Get the Cheapest Rates With ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer value your money as much as you do and thereby, they provide customers with the cheapest yet fastest services. Transfer fee starts from as low as 0$, and they have no markups which allow you to get the maximum return against your currencies. To get the low-priced online money transfers to Bangladesh, have a look at their website or download the app!