Why Are Pakistanis Welcomed And Most Successful In Finding Jobs In Germany?

The majority of Pakistani workers in EU countries send money to Pakistan every month. Approximately one-fifth of all Pakistanis in Germany (21%) have lived in the country for more than 15 years. Just over a quarter of Pakistanis residing in Germany today arrived in the country less than four years ago. Many young Pakistanis have recently moved to Germany to pursue scientific and technology degrees at top colleges. In Islamabad, the German government has established the German Academic Exchange Service. These highly educated Pakistanis work in a variety of industries in Germany.

Is It Easy To Get A Job In Germany For Non-EU Citizens As Compare To EU Citizens?

Germany is a wealthy nation in need of talented immigrants. Germany will welcome you if you are skilled and educated. It doesn’t matter if you’re Pakistani, Indian, or Chinese; a qualified foreigner is a skilled immigrant.  This is the reason online money transfers to Pakistan from EU countries are increasing day by day.

Typically, businesses aim to fill vacancies with the most qualified candidate for the job on the market. If fluency in German is required for the work (not all Germans are 100% fluent in English), then someone who does not speak the language is not the most qualified candidate, right?

Many businesses have a varied staff, which necessitates the use of English as an internal language. They are still looking for the most qualified candidate, and if you are eligible for a work visa, they will choose you if you are the best fit for the job.

Why Are Pakistani Prefer To Apply For Germany Visa Compare To Other Eu Countries?

Because of its inexpensive university tuition prices, Pakistanis have been drawn to Germany. This is a huge inducement for Pakistani students from middle-income families who find studying in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia too expensive. Hundreds of Pakistani academics and scientists have also been sent to German universities for training by the Pakistani government’s Higher Education Commission. Pakistan also goes to Germany as a full-time employee to transfer money to Pakistan to support the family in their home country.

Pakistani student societies can be found in almost all of Germany’s major institutions. As part of a drive-by Germany’s leading technical colleges to lure more Pakistani students, hundreds of institutes in Pakistan offer German as their primary foreign language. According to recent research by Germany’s Federal Employment Agency, Pakistanis have had the best luck obtaining a job in the EU country in recent years. They send money to Pakistan online back to support the country’s economy.