Why Choosing A Remittance Company When You Need Online Remittance to Ghana?

Are you out of your country on a business trip and want to send money to Ghana? Since Ghana is a developing country, so you have to hard earn for your family and country too to enlighten its path to glory. For this, you have to choose an option, much satisfying, versatile, fast, and comfortable and secure.

To get a safe and sound partner to money transfer to Ghana is the best known for its experience in transferring your valuable money to Ghana without any loss of penny and cent. ACE money transfer service comes to you in every critical situation of yours to resolve your query.

What are the Salient Features of the ACE Money Transfer Service?

Online money transfer service is available 24/7 for its family and customers. It has emerged as a shining star on the map of the United Kingdom and conquer the hearts of millions living in almost 100 countries. It is best known for its excellent and remarkable sources which are as follows:

  • Fast transaction
  • Minimal transfer fees
  • Multiple cash pick-up points and various payment methods
  • Excellent exchange rates
  • Great customer reviews

You can trust the ACE online money transfer service to send money to Ghana, as it is convenient and easily accessible. It provides its customers with great privacy and security because it is dedicated to the work of yours.

Experience with ACE Money Transfer Service

George kwatia, Daniel Ato Kwamina, Mensah, and Vish Ashiagba, are among our Ghanaian customers who are using our service to send money in Ghana.

They are the businessmen who have earned their names, as they are the exporter of cocoa products, gold, diamonds, oil, manganese, ore, etc., which are the assets of their country.

They do a review, appreciating the service, that the money transfer service has made their transfer compilation easier, as they were facing this dilemma for the past many years.

While transferring money through banks because of the reduced exchange rate. The proceeding speed to complete the task is up to 2-5 days. It’s among the slowest and the most expensive method to adopt.

On the other hand, acknowledging the obligation of money transfer service, they said that they are using this app for the last four years because of its excellent exchange rate facility, cheapest and hustle free method. They also praise the security protection of this service.

Also send money to other countries like: Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

Login to ACE

 If you want to be a part of the ACE family, then you have to give your name, address, password, email, country, and contact details. Also, you have to choose

  • Country
  • Add your amount
  • Add the receiver’s details.
  • Send money

Money transfer company has earned its experience and influence after the hard work of about 18 years and is among the unbeatable services in the world. As it has emerged under the shadow of the reliable and compatible surroundings.


After reading these reviews, your mind must have clicked in favour of the online money transfer service to Ghana. Then go and vanquish it.

ACE service is offering unique and special fulcrums to labour, doctor, businessmen, politician, etc. It is beyond all the boundaries to help you out.

In this contemporary world, by using an online money transfer service, everyone can send his precious earnings worldwide. Transaction of money has become a piece of cake.